Wednesday, 25 September 2013


to another friend, thought I'd forward

my theory to mitigate a nuclear ballistic,

put coins magnets in your toilet water

use 1 thousand flushes, to create solution to
electrify like a conductive,

put candles on the top of the water closet,
coins magnets under a plate the candles are

burn the candles, possibly it might create
enough of a field for your home,

bottles of juice, pop, oil, wrap with batteries
coins magnets, put on your speakers, drink,
moisturize, put the oil in your food,

create a field in your home & body, for a few
weeks near all day & night I created saline
solutions, bottles wrapped, every half hour
poured the saline down my tub drain, after
an hour felt the issue of the field,

do this, coins in your tub, candles, every
few days fill your tub, pour saline in,
hot water in your toilet, the water closet,
align the metals in the porcelain & the
metal of the tub,

go learn & experiment, you too may feel
the issue of the power as well, anything,

I call this practical magic, experiment,
teach those you trust, I believe it will
mitigate certain things, nuclear
ballistics aren't conventional weapons,
they are I believe energy based weapons,

there may be a way to mitigate, we are
brothers here, if the USA gets nuked,
I believe CDN may face the same fate,

experiment, learn, I believe these things
will possibly do a shield, or create other
atmospheres for change, possibly DNA
jumping as well,

DNA jumping is mostly what I am chasing,
they may all fan together in certain ways

Booyah, Meow Meow,


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