Monday, 23 September 2013

Keshia Kiaor, miss dulce, medusa

get mugs & put saline in those mugs,
put those mugs in your bath tub,

have a plate or bowl with a candle
in it, rolls of magnetic band for later
to be used for bangles & bracelets,

stones you can later put in your lip,

bottles of olive oil or Castor oil with
 essence oils in like Frankinsence &
myrrh & spikenard,

coins at the base of the lit candle,

the bottles of oil inside a stack of
magnetic bands, chain, have chain
in the tub as well to be worn as
a necklace later,

drink out of those mugs later,


computer fats, cue Zues brain from City
of Black Masks, tubs of 100s -1000s
of gallons of animal fats, have rotated
around the edges in & out puts inputs
5-10-20 times out puts, the in puts
scaled for 40-50-100 motherboards
 that are scaled to the out put plugs,
run charges from the in puts to the
 mother boards scaled in synchronicity,
the in put to the mother boards they
are scaled to & those mother boards
scaled to their designated out put, try
 to con-volute the fat to a real brain,
try to liven the fat to brain reality, put
5 lbs in all vehicles or to those vehicles
to see motion, have heavy casing to
protect, use 3D printers to print metallic
 bones & carbon sinews, make as
much strength as you can, make
augments of flesh that is tenuous, use
either fat or the self determining
intelligence program theory I created,
with all addendums I created for it,
 below is my latest publication of the
program theory,

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