Sunday, 27 October 2013

just imagine

tried to research this but it's probably a real happening,

porn studios owned by the same studios or businesses
that own both bands like Slayer or Jesus Culture,

I can't imagine there are soul christian companies due
to a probable lack of business where as porn & big
bands like Venom hold the fort & little exposure &
money bands like Jesus Culture just top a little extra,

me, big believer in the Lord, so why should I worry
about giving business to all facets of a conglomerate
if they have all hatches fixed & hedged like porn &

I imagine Olsteen & Tim La Haye are also working
for those who own porn studios & that of Nickeloedon,
if Tim& Olsteen both work for massive conglomerates
who own Pixar as well I'm sure Anne Geddes could make
a buck if the conglomerate can breath both hot & cold air,
me, pretty much just a bit of porn & a lot of music,
Anne Geddes, not really, I get pretty much all the models
for my art from or, or
scan for celebrities to deify in my art,

the last few weeks been deifying a lot of models like
Tyson Beckford or singers like 50 cent,

I got a few tuggs in my mind that these arts I do of
alot of porn stars & celebrities may get them saved
one day, I believe it, had a dream one time late in summer
of 2010 of a massive & very hot & fiery revival banging out
in Hollywood, something I'm waiting for,

porn meh, it's just something, Solomon said in Proverbs
that if you have to steal to eat that's really nothing but if
you take up another guy's wife, oh ya, big mistake,

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