Wednesday, 2 October 2013

correspondence, possible growing of amputations,

a theorey of mine 2-3 years old

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Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:59 pm

From: lanaj

 a meniscus is the water on the side of a beaker,
 the water rides up all around the perimeter,
 you put your toungue in a bowl, the water
rides up, my theory, your son, try it out, my
 theory, guy missing teeth, suck on rib bones
 to like a meniscus draw the teeth out of
the gums,

never heard though I've shared this theory
with others, get some rib bones & tape
 then to the end of the amputation, 5 bones
for his toes, my theory, since about 2012
or so, the theory sounds realistic though
I've never been replied to on it's effects,

 a guy hears an idea & tries to make a
 buck on it himself & leaves out the guy
who created it, tell your son to wrap 5
small bones on his amputation when
he sleeps at night, just a theory but it
 seems sound if you think about it,
 tell him, like I said it seems realistic,
get him to try it out, at night when
ever he has no braces on his leg,

ever see those braces they put on people,

cut the bones, traction on the brace device
to stretch the bone to keep growing together
to increase the length of the bones,

as the bones keeps growing together they use
the brace to use traction to keep the bones
bridging the gap,

Booyah, Meo Meow,


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