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.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 11:02pm.there waiting on bidden, a time as these wherefore, the place to be will be laid, layin out the way to see the way for which a way will be made to meet a top a hill & promises be made, for there we are made to be paid after the times have passed & though have been way laid, the express to heights of unbreakalbe days that span the sparkle of the rays of the wise saying of the eye of The Lord, there met I to met vous allez to where we would hope for in the sense that there would be a hope to being sensible would be so much more than the rest, we'd be more than the best, finding a crest of the well of the deep to draw up & cause the dark to weep for a bitta wet, & cause us all to drop a few in the bucket for there were worth more than any more, sweet was never so satisfying as the way I'd have seen in the wind blown from thy eyes & the honey of the milky teeth of the wine dripping lips of your taste, be wll, for thou art well, even a deep well as thou art

.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 2:49pm.when the feel of sweet is to kiss thy feet & annoint thy hair, to rain upon a parade, my river of tears over my lovers who took you apart, forgive the err, the high, the mighty mistakes, miss I am, now to be taken for wife, the river is too shallow to represent & too hallow for my shed drops from mine eye, the witness now is that I slew, now I have fallen deeper under those I drew upon my bow, but if my iris is broke, not another time will I turn my back on the blood of the righteous, never will I walk away to suffer the frown of thy crown, to turn upside down the lash of my lust that was the last breath & fevered passionate thrust, I mourn to a torrent that the laughs & groanss of the lovers over my torment, would any be caught by a cry for mercy & entertain I was in for game, I wallow for thy blood, the sight of thy brow broke me to death to see my wrong & here I declare my confession or remorse, I can't bring out my dead, how can I raise up the slain, but to see my brother have his teeth cut out & the shorn of the maine, I can't choke enough on my dry throat that till I repent I'll be desolate & jackals will haunt my grave & owls will mock as thy scretch out my name, for these days till my filth washes, I cry please

.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 9:49pm.let's go off to a place, you can kiss me all night, there you'll tell me all I've ever wanted & the wishes I've desired, when the sun goes up or whether down, the cliches of rainy days & summer nights can pass away like they never existed, just come get me, pick me up cuz I'm fallen so hard, but if the most beautiful face & the seven devils you hold are the answer to finding a pot of gold at the edge of the earth then call me a fool for your desires to live in my heart & be my ghost of christmas past, so come now don't make me wait till the stars go blind & the moon loses her shine, that drink of whiskey that shot of vodka, but you're sharper & clearer than ever I could see to know you have promised the glitter of diamonds & the lush fertile trees of a forrest made of emeralds, or the fire scorching heat of a desert paved with the heat of the sun & enchanted by magical radiant elucidating rubies, the eyes of you heart pierce deep to the core of ways that let me see who you are, they blink & the cat's eyes of a blending of candles light fighting out the dark as the whisper of your dirty wink tells me in ways I can't express that those cheating glances that remove syllabls & replace them in tongue tied twister relief sculptures on the walls that you show me of things forbidden that we've done for an eternity before the twinkle was in the glimmering sweat of God sweeping up the dust off the floor to create man, so let's get into gear & you can reveal to my mind the delicate decadent action star MIA movie rescticted triple X theatrical cinimatic effects we can do to you & to me, go get your bubble gum hun, & I'm drag out my cuffs, you could hit me in the heart where it counts every moment & grain of sand as it pours through the glass to wait till the never ending days comeback againt & that every beach & sea salt pinch is in this black widows shap that we count to & fro the ways we will pleasure each other & you can get to the sky & float over my way to ground you till we've had our fill & the master of destiny, the Lord of heaven & earth, the Christ & Messiah release all time & space as he is the only one to break the final seal as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, & when our times have fullfilled the ripe manifest destiny there will be a party for us two as well as every one with the love of their lives as there was a promise that there are as Jesus said, many mansions in his father's house so let's go home & see who knows who & you can tell me or I will you how we've grown

.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 1:11pm. if I cann not the look in your eye how will the sun afford the sky to block out it's light from loving the beauty of the brilliant love transfreernce of incansescient pupil dialatiing ocular heaven of a wish that only the sun of a man could turn down, now come to me & see the love I could cause you to endure on the shabbat, to pull back & peal the ocean from the surface & plain out the land & raise up your children from the dirt, I can't observe the idea of pennies from above when my darling was found in a pit of the abyss, come up you little girl, cause, wings to fill yourmouth with words that call me back, so if a cast of the high to say goodbye to a promise of never going your way will put me in line to exchange rings & sign on the dotted line, I don't know what I would do if you are entertaining the thought of scaring my face, the dish & the delicacy is tasting sweet & sour after a bitter victory of getting touched by an angel of the gore on my side that the horns pass my life on the way to the point I lose the vision of how you said you wanted me in the first place, but if it's all the same you still look the part of a thousand city street nightclub trans am stereo satellite hollywood movie star angelic headlights, the fight to delight in the star of your promise is to wish that we could make children any other way, if there were a way to please you is theother than giving you my finger & you giving me a smoke filled kiss & a frost of brimstone for flavor to let me know I'm alive

the game
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 11:30pm.come, come, come to me dear girl, if you'll let me take up your hand that you drag me six feet under I'll promise to be the one that you've dreamed for a thousand years, come let me chase you as the tale unfolds as a man on a quest to find that fortune in a lost untold forbidden well hidden pot of gold at the end on a road well sprinkled with glitter & the bodies of others who've given you lies but held back their ring & in so they have lost their lives, the rainbow is bright & the colors are right as I'd so climb hight to to heavens as dig into the dust that to make you shed your light in your smiles as rays of moonbeams upon the giving on three wishes, now let's buckle down & get to the business & trade some spit & bodily fluids & you can give me your horns & I'll mount your tangled knotted tiger hair as you bite deep into my neck a la queen of the damn you are more fine tonight than I could have remembered in the days I never knew the sky haad a sun & I was a prisoner of the land of the forgotten in a cave & I was only dreaming of more than I could ask for, so if you'll slither up my leg be sure not to bite me where it counts unless you are trading your home upon the clouds for being the aple of my eye, I'm not partial to worms unless you are at the bottom of a bottle of tijuana tequila, in that case here come the alamo to drum up a fight between the dark & the  light, so come close or stay far I've got a branch out if you descend upon my finger as gentle as a dove, but beware for I'm close as to sharp for I've been forgotten too long to the point I'm a raging flame of a bull the likes el matador is aware enough to skirt the arena & stay out of the colluseum

the fury of the great owl
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 2:44pm.the smoldering hump of ash in the front steams & leaves an impression to remember the call of my death over & over the days of these seasons, the raising smoke & the fluttering flames to to sky as al I could do is pause & think of how I'd love to die, as the heap winds it's ways round the streeet & up the mountain, the cinders so hot they choke those who look like they thought they at one time coulod care & now are rather smote by the bye of the lives of those in cages & wing, waiting on the last flight of the navigator, the sign of a time so the sky will quit raining & the ocean will drain, the heaving frost of the chilling crust crack & peal to relief of venting fury, for once the tendrils of the lighting of dust reach the crest of the apex of hermon, the weather spins up the fan of feathers that shread the sky in hieght & render the the sun dark as the fire of her life casts out all light as she ever did from the days of the eve of arctucus to the sweet ties of the pressing hips of the lips of pleides, for now is her recompense to those who walk in a shade, the flare of the coarse rain of heat to scroch the lovers who to to the oven, her swoop of wing & sputter of trail as the glazing rays of her bars of sweet sugar of carmelized incandescient mixture of love & hate radiate as she shakes her tail feathers, the shadow as to see her pass the spot between heaven & moon & sun in the sky is as if the furnace scorches her path of tread marks of mere blaze of eclipse of light due to the shadow drawn by flight between hean & the dread of those who look to the sky, the orbit & the land to devou much flesh as the men they run to the hills & scream for to heaven as God looks down & laughs & the owls & the eagles drink the drain out, ash gives this bird

July 15
The reign of Europe
Rides the Mediterranean
Like a dream
Asleep with a siren
As she rains
Cues the red
Grade 8 was home
economics & napping
to the scent of moist
ginger bread
now a leaven
the caster is a win
potato white crow
flying carpet tomato
getting hit on
can be taken
easy or given hard
a cat’s tale of
nine lives whips
sugar to cream
when you don’t
mind the smile
the face is out of sight
when it’s a memory
the face is forgotten
if Bombay weren’t
a state I’d less cycle
with a Sapphic
indian star
we paid
he got billed
in a case of irony
lead floats on
gold weights
resurrecting life
is like wishing
on a dead bone
a red letter edition
is a woman’s issue
the last thing
claws will
treat presence
if you bomb
the gardener
you get weeds
does a new
version authorized
old wine skins
when that whore
went down it
was like I flooded
the sea 40 feet
a warm engine
invites the purr
of a cat & ignition
asks for chevron
anglers hook
feather  flies
for boatmen
the draft
rattles bones
July 14
is to be full sick
you sound worthy
an empty bottle
leads to a killer wish
all of it started
with the coy
ending with
the crime
beginning eventually
applies hallowing
as white an eye
as bitten applies
as spells,  as if
a good teacher
holds an apple
when a deal is too
good to give up
it’s better that
you give it up
dreams grind the reap
into dust at the fall of night
war leaves no
child behind
terrorism is superceded
by the success of continued war
drugs is all you can take
out of the war on it
flame abounds
tether when
grip tightly releases
lifting holy hands
helluva way to praise
ok who do
you think you are
ok lee
is removed
to plow ok
in case you see
the holy cow is in
better to hitch a
ride on a colt
than an ass
swine desire a bottle
of spirits as they lead
from see to sea
ink well spread
draws life
feul injection
deceptive about
mobile plowing
optimizing the yoke
while priming oil
about buttocks
being dispunctual
will have the period
of the sentence made
cool east breeze
let her know she
is a plant type
it takes a fool to
romanticize hell
in honor of birth
an urn is raised
a bottle blond will
blow you three kisses
& if you dream of
eden she’ll wish you away
a circle’s size comes
from shaving but more
a kin cuddling
if you can’t cuddle
your heart the lips
won’t do the monkey
serene beef is
a kin to the
man being god
a wet pillow
is full of years
a tear’s drop
dries up pennies
tipping the bucket
waters the field
one bucket to
go around to
make it
gold lays in ash
a heap sits a top
the tarnish on silver
spoons with litter waste
apex as the thunderous
waves of wind mount talons
July 13
A boring mourning
Eventually crossed
Morning too good
Eventually would be true
Wood that tree
Would bark would
Common cat
Tigers rare
A lone wolf
& pride is unique
The rock is a cold
Worthless thing
stones worth a carrot
end out as a bricks
to take a vacation
is to give away
a promotion
when the door is a jar
the cat is away, but
when the door is closed
she tries to get in
brazen meat is right
to be desired, while
offered is taken
easy to remind
can’t remember
losing virginity at birth
is like peeing the bed
love is a tooth
biting the glove loose
the tingling elation
of a conjugal reciprocation
foremost the foreplay
was to end as a colt’s load
ass end of a colt
requires a finger
ascender to the throne
is a shitter
acceptance of denial
is a formal affair
denial of acceptance
is a regal affair
a light wrapping
of dark seclusion
puncture the queen
has a byte for you
an all the way
star ends less
Kirk than Sargent
july 12
Radiant dungeon holds fast the furnace of ironic gold, to burn quick so fast that the gigantic swoon of the belly of the deepest pit of hatred & the crisp smooth edge of blade to draw life does emerge, does yet the children of dust clamor & fish till the name of lucidity they do resist, the trivial equates to reigning stone by shore as the waves battlement & the parapets erode evermore, the tower hits a note as the hook & worm draw him up ended upon sand & smote those who smote their breasts at the sun as the moon shakes their dawn, the castle a call to beckon an answer, yet the ring of a bell has a ruler’s wife at best, …
Truth is vulgar
Too torment
Instant in a cup
Brewing in the fall
Touching the book
It’s a genuine act
Fame & fortune
An insider’s game
A day in the sun
A light here after
A clip in season
Profits blossoms,
Apparently a petal
Incandescence & bald
Crowns claw on blanc
Cat’s eye
Creates office of destruction
Strata for pillar
Marble for beam
Willow for building
Nay, willow be switched
A child in bed
Is full of dreams
A child among men
Is scolded by mother
Drying clothes
Lines up a suitor
The dip in the hill
Is when you think you can
With no dip in the tank
Bavaria like Austria
Sucks like a vaccum
& leaves without coming back
The salesman so good
He sold his soul
July 11
Pay a dollar
To get a dime
The road to good
Is paved with bones
A room with a closet
A Wesson with a chamber
A cougar on the tent
A virgin with child
The elixir of lie
Is gland to bite
If you wish to lay
July 10
The few, the proud, the free
upon hieroglyphic fantastic
Graven who rose
I’m a good actor
Come over & play me
It’s not as bad as you think
It’s worse than you can imagine
As the woman lays an egg
So the egg will refuse to rot
The will to being
Is propelled by the
Stain of iron
Upon earthen clay
The cast of salt
Is for shoulders
Weathered by the
Death of the woman
Upon blister of light
Green is denied
Upon turn of night
The loom is to hide
To have rock
Is to use wires
To have wires
Is to be stoned
I’m better than today
You’ll never see tomorrow
As sure as two pigs walk
The lead falls & the second
Falls forward, as now the
lead takes the name of the wife
the fallen
a ring is left
before the stand is past
when lasceration is
lush & preening
as cap breaks capsule
buckler sweeps shield
procreation of mortality
is the height of arrogance
as slighting due
is paid in rain
yoke of iron
pays dew in rust
the right fence
never feints at the cost
the worst depression
causes the greatest
sellout for defense
when law enforcement
is hung up on the corner
it’s dispatch is survival
when love is listed
the size of capital
reflects bailout
the price of variance
is the cost of degrees
a well done meddle
is beaten out
& a metal of cost is fired
The tears of a son
Begging for birthright
Is a mating ball
My two bit one liners
Are a dime a dozen
Availability of gold
Expresses it’s loss
The tongue is a drunken brawler
Takes the keys & gets in the car
Reality, the excrement leftover
After truth is pulled out
July 4
The man doesn’t follow the law
He is the law
July 3rd
My sins
Have out numbered me
When coffee gives you excrement
Wipe your mouth
Cuz all you are getting is dirty water
Cat force 5 crowns a king
Any less of her caning
Is not worth being
Depressed about
I have a great sense of humor
But I’m not into jokes
Xenia Onatopp
The bond woman
Meat & milk, staples like these
Add in the belly, & start knitting
A shot in the bar
Is like a case of scotch
Going a rye
Behind the red tape
Scotch makes a board room
As rear marks coral bulls
Into boys shooting whiskey
July 2nd
Damaged goods
Is like spoiled fruit
The ring & the kiss
Like oil, runs thin
If marriage were hallowed
Where is the child to ween
A scarlet escape
For the surrender
A hot iron
Scribes what’s right
Into life
When a pinion is right
The motion may be moved
The woman
Gravity point lost
Promise of life
Is descent into hell
The greatest descent of trial
A cell life, best made off
Fools collect new pennies
& the aged aren’t worth washing
As milk the price of fuel
So patience the cost of bread
The love of eternity
Is the hate of life
The career of breath
Is the glass ceiling of the dead
As a bird’s desires are haunted
The offering of life
Is lost on it
July 1
Nothing is secure
But securities end
Falling into bonds
& bonds fallout
The hip persuasion
Seduced the male
If you’re wealthy
You can afford to be honest
A spear gets to the goods
As a pot sherd roasting
The  marsh & the mallow
Save a good mourning
There is nothing to save
Under duress
Is anything
Overly surpressed
A rest over sorrow
Cracks a smile
In the valley
Whence justice
It waits not
Yay follows
As burning
Relieves rest
So to a
Tickled throat
Dieing to get to  the front
A freyed
20 nail 2 tongues 1 razor
Weding night a gory color white
The release of the man of sin
Is gonna make trading places look like a jet turbine
Unless one step makes eternity
There is no step to make
Little builder at the
Foot of a mountain of oaks
Death swallow me up
If this is the last drop
If you get the gin & I get the tonic
The bite may sting but the blood will flow
A sip & a belly of laughter
Has mephisto’s tongue all a twitter
Thigh claws
Window cracks
Wings flap
If the thought passes
Will the promise of life expire
When the tiger slips on oil
When do I receive metal
If the slip of your metal
Causes a q uiver in your arrow
The fountain of life dries as the blood
Of thy marrow sees not
The morrow
The Adriatic seas where
Your depths not know
Corner the blow on the 15
Take 2 for the boat to cross shore
To beg on the deal
The egg is an eel
Shift petal rubber
Get into gear
Deux you member
& when the crown of
Flame becomes fallen ash
The kiss of light eternal
Becomes a dark shadow of life
To love a pass
To drink a shot
To pass at love
Too hot not to
The choir of your words
Are the arrows of war
Light up my lips like
Spark plugs
If the clutch engages
The fifth is a beast
When licking a razor
Is the kiss of life
A stained silk & ash
Worth blood & flame
A bloody burner
Forges the fountain
Five sets the way to geddon
A pair sets giddy up
A wound peppered with salt
Is a son’s loss of face
The fire of a hearth
Opens talk from the heart
As a whistle & a quiver
So drums & a banner
As a woman lances her roast
So to the ribs smoke it up
The candle in an eye
Is full of light
When up on a stick
& it saves lives
At loss is wound
At gain is wind
Write me you number
& I will call it
A full bite looms the moon
To blood howling biting nights
At eventide
There is a grind
On a filthy path
Dirt clings to the feet
Under clutch
is carcas
talons wonder why
the peace of time
in salvation the meaning is suffocated
so to damnation is a loss of it’s word
your ring
is my demand
The cost of grace
Is the price
We can’t afford
To waste
The morning sweet
Broke into sweat
Borne to be bound
Wound to sound
At first glance
It’s a rush
Rear up to brandish
Trench in whore-fare
June 29
The cheque for the way it will be wound up & wounded down, the trip to the other side & the travel to rome or the drift on the streets of venice, there is a ruin for the
Vert I call
Horus one
A crowd pushes forward
As one pulls back
Bear tiger paws &
Winter shrimps the jungle
Lie on me
Tie, her up
Fascinated with death
Fascia natal meth
Oil, wine & wound
Bind, pour & ease
Spill the wine, avert the bearing
Kiss of passion, morning of abandon
When wolfing, comes close by moon
The day afore, bright by room
To be found in the inn
Is to be lost in the cold
A rat fronts a tale
A mouse follows one
Spearing for a penalty
Break away for a goal
Green, go
Gold, bold
Green, leaf
Brown, stay’in
If you give a green light
To the woman in red
You’ll end up in a crash
Justice is a pot of meat
Well born eat the good
The fowl is borne on dead
June 28 2011
Belly woman, you’re the hallow is the swish of a thousand wet & wild swimming canned wishes the size of whale & fierce as serpents who dive to the fiery shelter of hot sweaty metal, if a coral could be the risk at taming thou brisk & thy flirt for to push is a hurt & a thrust is unbidden, for the way to a day beyond the green grass is a path of destruction much to the shegrin of the chosen, did’t you come my way, day to day ain’t been the same, the pouch & coins to pack with a staff, & two swords aren’t enough for the wrath,
Come fire up your heart
Go wash it down with dreams
Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:33 am
there is no promise of life
but a fix for the miss is
a link of chain & a wrap
shall raise power to it's knees
Re: my blog
sun Jun 26, 2011 7:47 pm
cheif justice renegade
white collar outlaw
June 26
I hate suffering
but I love Missouri
 » Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:14 pm
I hate suffering
but I love misery
if life came by whiskers the heaven of night
I'd have borne the burden of a dove so white
the last sip, a dance & a drink
uncorked, & she flows, the ring
a stick in the mud
dirties the pudding
upon seeing red the sky over
seas poured from high & drown all life
from the loss of sight into night
waiting to power out after light
the drug of choice is the rage to means
that all & all the be to need is the end
if the regular life were cut & dry
I'll be a yiddish spiced salami
They either hit you in the pants
Or the intellect
June 23
a couple years ago I was getting into bed with this chick & we were just about to  get  thick & she asked if I ever had anal sex so I said no
& to my surprise she say do you want to & I'm like sure
so she says ok turn around & bend over
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 12:47pm.
1 numbers don't lie,
but kisses do
2 under the back & behind
the head is a cradle,
it's true love, whether
 honeymoon or deathbed
3 there is a love as lightly
as a dove, & harsh as stripes.
4 as sure as an entertainer is
surrounded by lights, the
stage sets her off her stroke
5 when season of bloom algae
 is yet humble but the east wind
& a meals give a rupturing speed
to a blossom
6 the heart of a woman speaks
delicate by night, but come dawn
she leaves her place to find another
7 a sensitive smile & words
genuine, drown out tears
8 a tongue full of agenda &
grinding leave abrasions & offense
the likes the king will not dismess
9 as oxen eat hopps
so the dragon drinks scotch
10 barley is a full stew, if
a dressed in a penny, & a
preyer is full if you dine a
rye from a proper leavening
11 as a glade is ever full of smiles
So to a smile can be full of blades
12 as stirring a beast is the stance
of preyer, so to a quiver of arrows
binds it’s strength
13 if an owl may find roost &
home, solice at the grave, then the
venom of asps will be the blood
that saves
June 22
roar babe, it's always been easy to say no to the woman in red, but the shade of your tan has the the sun in heat & a foreboding radiance that the stars have kissed,
June 21st
it has a hold
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 3:25pm.Your note has been created.
then the wacking of a hand as the rifle fire shattered the peace of air to powder the plaster casts of faces loved lost & believe broken to heaps of rubble on the street as I dodge for shelter, trying to yell to those falling behind the way is here & now this is where we must go, but every grunt held down in the hudle of a turtle from the pin of the snipers, bombs over the head & the dragging into sidestreets of the dead, faces I've cradled & kissed & I'll never see again & forever miss, the scourge of the battle, from time & the great memorial that makes it more real every wage after tide of the mortars & prayers every night, the well drawn & wept sleepless writing the rythm of our lives in diariues to loved ones that will only meet us in a casket as we are loaded like freight & flown home, but another brisk morning as the sun rises & the air strikes are called in from beyond the river & the horizon, packing our tents on our backs from house to house, in a race to finish off our time or for our time to plaine run out like corner we turn & are entered as if by a baptism of why am I here to see my boys cast on the sand of a land far & away shot through heart, & popped without a thought as a child at the park fizziiez a coke the blood spits & bubles as he squirms & he gurggles, clutching & grabbing my jacket & whispers he needs me, but the words are lost in the pass of his breath & a strangling glare that he hooks his eyes into my soul & the tears break, but I have to say now, a look of forgotten love that has is no les requited than then man in an alley who was murdered before he was wished upon by the queen, trying to grab your man & throw your wounded over a wall, but the sisxth sense is surrounding my turret, trying fend off the enemy & hold up the front, buddies trapped in theier seats, behind the wheel with a flash of light & flying nails & fragments of a plumber's wet dream raining the harpeys of hades & the heat of apollo's chariots through the windsheilds & eviscerating the excuse for heavy armor, limbs going limp as conective tissue of men meant for medicine experience first hand in combat the shredder & the blender & the mind as it breaks like the surface of skin being ruptured & men going down in a hail of hallers & scream, men going down to the age of children in the smite of shrapnel mortifying kids who should be picking up chicks, leaning over to push one out but a buckle & more in the way as the flailing of arms & screams & begging for mercy & the one side of his complexion not made to flame that he makes me promise I'll meet & talk to his wife, the residence of our neighborhood, the block, the news they need to here back where I'm from, where it all started
the true levelor
 a gun is
so to hail & lightning
as the isles cascaded with queen
feathered with lives
the nest of isles
the fact I love blood red flesh
black of white it don't change
the fires of the four winds will breath you into the woman
if the drinks are chilled & your tongue is of ash
of the warm comfort of the tide
a slit throat reminds me
the coming
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 10:26pm.Your note has been created.
 them full on thunder pounding bluesky rending lightning thigh are breaking hearts & making dreams as women are left frustrated & men lay seized with convulsions in the streets, she's slow & so sure & you know that she's skilled that her well endowment of scholared physical stature will if she declines leave you in tears, she's howling mad feirce competition editor who will seperate the men from the boys with a kisss & a stroke that will make you or break or give up your ghost in heartache, so don't close your eyes as she shows her fashion of cheek to cheek & a slip of her finger to release the tempo of what's wrongwith the situation in your mind, but the bender is what flows the way itgoes as she winks without a face, she's torns to bits & you'll beg for a piece as the thread in the rift of the stones round out & deep to the rippling of the tide of the in & out of the ebb of your sea, up high has the pass of the laststep to the spill of the heavens as the trimmed tree hedges the wasteland & the flare of the wings of the phoenix fires past the maching of the sound barrier, so please refrain from your crying for you have well now into the night spent your bones like your soul, & she eats them like a furnace tinker toys, the rare occasion of the spread of the feathers for radiating her halos & orbiting the moon her lats imaging your hit or misses & those who try, & less he who picks, as she rotates her hips of lush intense ranevous swoon they who come close are devoured by the heat as the razor burns are the point combustion begins to end lives, save for he who has the tongue of flame to caress gentil the monarch butterfly tail of a fish, come gimme a wish, only to rise to the obsession of the fleshy round deliscious stars of orion to drown the sorrow of death in the ressurection of a desire to be presented before the gracious blooms of spring & the dual suns of summer & enjoying the wine of the skins of an autumnal harvest, better to flexx to beat up a batter by punchers that spin & drill to bits the collision of earth, air & wind, fury is an accustomed gratuity, even more so than the tornados of texas & the whole of the entirety of the funnel of the mid-west, but nay for she is a hurricane, approaching the beaches of miami to sting the rays & smoke the surf, sand & glades like a Cuban  of castro's ornate private closed door collection, coming off the coast of the carribean is the noise of war, the jets of water kicking up roar, the broad horizon of destruction attuned to the fears of orson & the spiritual frailty of hemmingway, storm clouds are rolling in, here is the front of this excercise
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 12:31pm.  & I saw as I stood on the sands of a beach, a beast rise from the earth, at first it crawled as if lame, it suffered the botch & leporsy, then a great wind caught it & lifted it up on two feet, it suffered severe mangie & deformity, then a fierce fire from the sky fell upon it & devoured the infirmity & it stood as a grey haired wolf with five eyes giving birth, & howling for torment of the insicion of twelve shimmering diamonds piercing it's skull, then from the west flew a bird of notable incandescience which landed upon the wolf & gored out it's eyes & left the wolf lifeless as meesengers took the wolf child, &I saw another beast that rose out of the carcas of the wolf, this was of four legs & yellow as gold, it jilted the air as it moved as water of life & sobriety is jealous of the libation & libonous sensual satisfactions of fine wine conversations & the mood for diving deeper into the interacasies of bonding over diner & acheiving climax & dramatic effects through motion & smooth oration & cunning dialects in the small hours of life of the system of the walk of the shine of the moon, this beast was well washed & the prize of the east, it's hooves trimmed & softened that it caused no damage for it's countenance was well domenering & powerful to look upon, it could not yeild, any who saw the gold of it's complexion fell before it & it's prescence became wide spread to the thunderous eyes of the notable bird,
the tricky one
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 hip twist, making the list, the round for the lush & the drop to the squat touching the toes rise up & pop it out, they'll be work to be borne in the sweat on this expression I'm bearing here, but to see the swivle & the kneeling as she arches that back & pushes out the mountains of flesh that drain a man of his strength, that all a guy could wish for is a turn & a hit & afterwards she could get the maids to clean up the mess, the mocha in her latte & the lait in her foam, I'm all the way to work 9 to 5 ain't on my mind cuz I'm home, a lick & a tickle a wink & an ace & pulling the hair will speed up the pace, cacao entwined with honey all in a tootsie roll, a delicacy even solomon couldn't bring to mind, a sweet etch of the memory of the fork of peace as it were tantilizing cereberal numbing strychnine lacing the trail of throughts to a level of heaven St Peter couldn't afford paying in pearls to divine, the feet of a beast of burden & that of prey,feet that scorch the coals they walk upon, a smile in glimmer & of glitter & of respectable prescision that as she turns to grace she cuts to pieces knives & blades, there is a peom, there is keats & shelley was the ressurection but she kills them all with the succulent drench of the song on the wind that humbles the competion of dear lucifer & rips out his tongue as the swiss marbled vanilla dark tobelerone makes a new world out of her mouth that waves out a princess of silk or the power of  chain, the burn of her tongue is the fresh growth of the forrest, & the fire in her soul make me restore, the rage of the days of the pain & the madness that would have me wish that there would be an end to thy being has me hit in the heart to see thy radiance & the softness & tender, the compassion, I wonder now is there life after death, so into the night as all as I can, it's all I could want is to go into the frey, that to go gently or rough as you'd ask or to beg is the wish that I'll kiss if you shroud me with red, & this time maybe you'll hear something different than the woman who you know had got in return from her beckon of my ear but I don't roll like that but you're a game I enjoy & I could see that the skin of thy belly hadn't been bruised by the sand & though thy lips so tempting as snakes wrapped around my neck, this is all, there was you looking behind & the feel of your back in the low & the growl to lay over & shelter the safety of the musculature that surround the spine of an asset so profound that I can see it's never lost as long as I look in the rear, yet this too is not enough for you, for thy armaments are the sight that are conjured by the jinn, & such is the deal that one be wrought to carry & be taken, a liason full of lust & a smother of ferosciousness that leaves one dead, put into position & thrust for dear life & erects a chick with a dick
we're using real lead tonight
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no rubbers boys
the chick becomes foul
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 2:45pm.Your note has been created.
 when the cripple walks
June 19
the fallen
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 the blood on a stone, to form the roam of orion the one bound for bringing up bonds for the likes for the thralls of whomw which are to well endowed their thrones, the scales of the heading to the hill to drag behind the populace to the fork of a tongue of a sinisters words so well spun & hung by a tree that the eye would bear it & be seduced to bite by the teeth who will gnash & thrash at the day to be the ever of the rue & the reckon that the fruit so tantilizing that the spire tio the sky would be bent on brick & a tower in the plains to obvious for angels to deny the wive's of their youth, that they would eventually be bent over & driven with less mecry & more drawing than the sugar to a tooth, the lips to a kiss the magnifecience will be suckered into a thrown of a lusty on the Ben, the tiger maligned & misunderstood to be less than this but enough to get there will rear up & be the fierce of a face to reconfigure with the wings of the owls & the satyrs who will dance on the flesh of the gods & the lords, the eagle has landed & the gore has been started, that jerusalem so soundly surrounded & as she has begged for the hounding as she spread for the sheets the myrrh & her spices the incence & her talents that fools dare to tread & angels of fury know the way it will end & so the oceans swell to the sky one more time as the gasoline & diesel & the sparks of the match of the red open the brazen that lay like a lamb for the wiles to be had, smoke ascends to the heavens & now the flames crowd out the blare of the sun whence the smoke of the roaring & the shreaks & the howls of the fowl as they feast upon the meat & tghe blood of the captians as the generals lead their masters over the cliffs to the valley of slaughter, there were one man taken & in the feild & the other left, there were one man grinding & the the other one found, there were one woman & her friend then seen, then there were again the way it was told there they are now in the valley of geddo in the vultures there they will be the birds sitting on the those who made oaths of the heart, the sacrfice to the  preyers as they eat & shroud wings over the carcases, such to the way & the slay is the day that the promise of the moon, that the shine be the glory & that death be their mourning, as the lion awake to the quake of the heavens & the shake of the earth, iron sheered, vows broken renewed, iron rod arises as the golden sceptre of the fall of shadow star
June 18
in good health
smoke it
is water under the bridge
ash on the tongue
part of the last of me
you took the best
is the fall of ash
the cast of shadow
of twelve stars
tail to tale
she said so
academy of fools
& pay by mourning
take the glass at evening
flesh in the teeth
blood on the floor
code signet aurora
status alert red
furnished in name
dancing ash is
gleipnir made at power
flame drawn powder
& eve dawns
two babes in bed
crown of night falls on ground
dawn light on shadow star
so from man scuplt cup
as fiery dust lights a room
is the sound that make men out of boys
By Timotheus Uhrynowich· 21 hours ago
my cat's tongue on her ass
in seven counts
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Friday, June 17, 2011 at 2:36pm.gunning it over, you fucking the mind into trenches of blind, the scaling back to surface to lay hold of neck & launch teeth into thy neck & bite till the sinews refrain from their place, that if the blood of the covenant made between you & I were at odds with our lives through hel & high water I'd bring you to bear the flail of the wrath of the hands & the scrourging or the cat of nine tails & a story of my hate & your fear by the wrath of the gods, the grab up the kitty & thrash it versus the wall & beat it to death & peal of it's fur as it cries for the least of all mercies as the eyes are ripped out & it's teeth chipped with razors dulled from rust & killing steers, you fuck it all up just to see thy own fall that if all I could care less about is the mutilation of every living soul, the satisfaction of the creature cast into the fire & burn't to the final that the cunt assed bitch will know my madfness, so don't think that to bleed but little will do by me but the ultimate in suffering won't even suffice nor either I'm beyond the place of love & forgiveness I want restitution & you to be rendered to ashes
sealed in miel
By Timotheus Uhrynowich· 21 hours ago
love is a deal
is the tiger we shame
By Timotheus Uhrynowich· 23 hours ago
the tiger we tame
wants to roam
By Timotheus Uhrynowich· 23 hours ago
trouble the brow
By Timotheus Uhrynowich· Yesterday
those damned vows
wait 'n match it
By Timotheus Uhrynowich· Yesterday
broken latchet
& one you can't blind
By Timotheus Uhrynowich· Yesterday
two eyes
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 10:52pm. rise, just try, go ly, go lay, go get up & eat hey, hey it's ok, I'm just saying go ahead & desire the taste for it's yours, so is all I'm asking is try some fruit & the meat, there is nothing too not, cuz it's all yours if you like, just get up on it & let me try you for a ride & you'll know the ground as I grind, so gimmem let's try, do you like go out of your no & say yes for a change, cuz forgive me but if you'll give in to my promise I'll be your every wish, say yes & say please cuz the last is the mirror, I'll give you your cross if you say no bhut if the deal is on I'mm get on top & all over & you know you can take it I'm all that you want, so the realing of the desert is on the dish for you to come eat up & the second is more than the lady who come first for I'm the mother who can teach an old dog new tricks & if this can impress then I'll be the one to give you life & the sacred chances of sobriety & satisfaction in a world that is lacking, come & let me & I'll try to see if you'll run to catch up to my spin as I rock the worlds of this where I am & give where you stand
. seven steps to heaven
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 8:54pm.sights so sweet the blurring of red over the vision of might, do & will, this is the will, the medley of desires to break up the life made for eternity, there is a love to those things well drawn across the mind, the hitches & hooks that peal back the fight, the order of play the seeing it all come before thou & lay, the yes & the bless, the chistening & the dagger, the dagger in the eye that penetrates the heart of the issuses, switch, shift, the spear, the star that pierces the pupil, the student to learn the handle & teach out of the way, the necromancy of a luo la lay, hum ha hey, shakes off the scales of the blind & the stench of their breath comes fresh as air, shift, switch, the deleteing of the flame of the candle in bowing is now harvesting in the brilliance of the dawning of the great fierce ones to make a home of the land,
ashes to ash
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 2:50pm.
full of the draw, full of the horror, the clatter of spinning fins on turbine engines, the dragging of rubbers along the landing strips, the pull & to run high upon the wind, there are rotating & flailing & ramifications of calling up the wages of positions, the castining of bombs & leashing of spits of heat harmounious to tearing the flesh off a bull, an ox & any thing that crosses, coming of the cliffs of promises are the troops pounding throw the waves of the sound barrier, maching up the shift in patterns as the screens of clouds & hail of fire & zues throws through the sky of assault & treatments the likes the origins of rain likened to, from the ground deep under the earth strings sprout to the heavens, metals & nails, pegging the tails as heads go sailing to the mark, the rear gaurds get rough, the nose takes dives when the matador scales the stars & plucks out the candle on hills & delights the cascade of the shimmer of the guns of the night, there is a wailing & a weeping as the seven stars silent monsters unite & smote the fascia of the coffee cream tinned sweet one, licking lips & tasteing the twist in the cat of the age of an axis of way to defunct the day to be made, there well worth the style to be closer to liberate the chains of the bonds of a sugar tipped bitch of the wiles of the weeds so tied like a rope till the heat of the incendiary ignites the tendrils of tendon & dense tissue fiberous & connecting tendon to bone, the flex of thrashing & locking & teeth launching to seize & tear out the heart of sisters the witches, the hunters made prey, today thou art slaine, the honey divine in the cacao secretes smoke & the the combustion of the declaration of the being of the love of the hive is to be made queen & quake the lands & break hearts of copper twine, there is a rumble & a wave as the nations are removed from their place & a wash of the flo of the moonshine hits the shores, one eye to eye & the sight breaks the peace & a flash catapultes the earth into napalm to cleanse her shame, render the creation to ash
. throw it in bed not out
By Timotheus Uhrynowich· Thursday
hot ash

sweet scent
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 1:40pm. do no harm as the fast has gone rash to burn up as the night is unleashed the wings of flight, the rain of the furious bombs to complex for names & pegging the futility of games or smile wasted on riches given to fools dealt a hand bland & branded, whilst others are charred & licked with the flames & to retain their names, the cash flo or razors & the consistent wave of blood in the shadows, to the, if you say hey would you slash my face to sinch the sign or carve the details on a tear out of my heart to let the final trail of flush pump me dry of it all as the floor goes red more wine, please don't know that if you say hello, |I's look in the eye & be like hyena & lion, the spear in head & pulling out of organs till the body is mort, the wail & the scream as the onlookers in horror run for their lives, the flames fall by star & by moon as the full lune pulls up the tide & pushes down the fright, northern  cascade of the lick of the heat that scorches bodies & leaves up heap of ash, the jets thunder over as under the leaves shiver & shake lifting the explosions & breathing in the fumes & becoming incense in the light of a wash of napalm
of napalm in the morning
By Timotheus Uhrynowich· Wednesday
love the smell
layin ash
By Timotheus Uhrynowich· Wednesday
.by Timotheus Uhrynowich on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 12:45pm.
so to there is honor in passing a woman
just as mercy gives wings to a bird
so to the unlikely judges shall judge capernum
as the widow shall be restored to honor
is a millstone around the neck
a bird in a snare
got circumcised unless you're a virgin
you're a waste of skin if you
Judah you are my baby
Israel you are my first fruit
so mazzaroth breaths northern lights
as arcturus breaks darkness
so the pleides is a ring
as orion lashes iron in tow
even on reality rehab
hollywood fame, still good in flames
as your brow beats my strength as horus over horizon
your lashes flick like hawk wings
at the end the season, life is allure
in a season of days, drink is a lure
five on the fist
five on the hand
don't roll over
a panda's game
if the muscles don't get you the admission will
he might be black & white, be he'll beat you black & blue
don't confuse it for a landing strip
& as night falls, so to she fill the cup for the swill
the ocean sees that her seas have had their day
we forge into life
death is the iron
death well kissed
life is well missed
life is refreshed
in the well of death
two times a cause, three to save, four to risk it all
for burning that scars
for a beating worth lies
for a flower eaten by a harpy
for the dead cat on the street
equates drowning in the sea
dancing with the devil
beating brass over anvil
the test of love
making bail & keeping bonds
the test of love
wisdom over age
virginity over youth
before it's nuked
the city on seven hills will be razed
is a hard thing to waste
a foreigner
to workout the riches
a double split trains you
a second promise makes the day
when one wish fails by the way
so a beat to the heart tears it up
as ash in the eye drums a tear
is ash & lime
a lump in the throat
is an urn of brokem promises
ash of love on the mantle
so birds on a pyre
as ash rises of flame
so ash rests as a film
as birds fall on the carcas
3 line to confirm, 1 dream to seize
ash on a tiger
5 tails on a stairway to heaven
1 over board
& 3 ghosts through the window
of an ashtray in the morning
love the taste
is like using dirty needles
commanding a sinking ship
you'll pay for the ride
to proud to declin

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