Saturday, 2 November 2013


those last two pictures are digital not Dolby,

I weigh about 155 & look very lean & athletic,

usually I weigh 160 but I m not gaining well
right now, I look way better now than I usually
look at 160,I look very tight & athletic
compared to my usual soft 160, I look
bigger than 160 actually,

when I gain weight off the sorcery I have
been saddled with I will be massive &
taller, I am also actyively looking for the
end & not being passive while I wait for
it, most of what I do in my life takes part
in searching for the end of this spell,

I put things I m doing in one of my
Bane posts, go read it & figure out
your way, everyone has their own individual
path, some cocao, other coffee, carrots,
what ever your intuition leads you to,

& like Bane, I will bring Justice,
Bruce Wayne is a debouched scum
living a life of fun, while the League
of Shadows desires Justice,

keeping that scum ridden city afloat,
pfft, I have done innocuous things
to reign justice, if I see a leaf fall,
yep I know someone is in the hospital
dieing,I call myself a thirteenth warrior,
a wind spirit talker, I walk at twilight,
the land between the spirit & the flesh,

I have been decimated & hardened
these last three years, tell me, what
is the price for raping another mans
wife, what is a woman though,

I believe in Karma, if  someone hears
you scream, they may actually show up
to help you, I don t believe in being a
vigilante, people hear by word of mouth,
oh ya, they know,

dunno when but I m expecting to gain a lot
of weight one of these days,

but meh, if chicks can be dry, oh ya me too,

been burned too many times by chicks who
wanna play games, I once broke a chicks toe
by starring at her,

chicks don t like nice guys,

sorcery has been done on me to gain mass
weight & grow too, you won t recognize me

I m done with women, they burned
their bridges with me, women don t
want relationships they want furniture
around the place to control, near every
woman hates sex, & if that is how thy
feel, boom,

women hate nice guys,

if a chick says a number about 7
or 700 she is playing a game on you
to control you, it is an act of sorcery
to trap you, seven is easy, but the
higher the multiple of 10 the worse
she trying to trap you,

three different girls put a thing
on me, one was just seven, one
was seven hundred & the other
said  -- multiples of ten --

women who talk like that get theirs
in the end, if my boys test the
waters to suss out the territoryof
whether you will end with a Brady
bunch or an Amity Ville trip line,

donèt worry if she makes you eat
her ethereal, ate & lived & gained, I
will rise, if the finish of her complex
gives me an emotional work out,
well the deck she gave my boy
wont line you bad, just get up
another day with scars, but stronger
for the event, the D-town bowl of
fruit she gives, eat it & D-Town,
yep super bowl tiggahs,

the test in becoming a man, every
lb or gram of weight she puts on
your bar will give you the test in
becoming a man another day,


since summer 2011 I have been learning sorcery,


things to look forward to are:

government institutions shut down,

the end of the petrol age,

the sun darkened,

white women put on the shelf for sex,

no more electricity,

no more gun powder,

no more police, no more hospitals,

those who are emotional ones to
become literal Metallica ONES,

annexation of territories unions provinces
& territories,

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