Saturday, 2 November 2013


tonight a young woman tried to get rough &
violent with me as I walked along a path, I
believe this is the prequel to another young
woman I had spent the last three years trying
to save,

I am lead to believe by this event tonight
that she may die soon, men starring at goats,

you look over & see a leaf falling & see
across the street a couple fighting & arguing,

Curse of Tutankhamen,

any involved in her murder case will
end up in jail or dead as the treatment
of those who attacked me the last
three years for ringing the alarm myself
on trying to save her life, I was assaulted
emotionally & physically abused for
trying to ring the alarm to save her life,
so now, any others after me who are
involved in the case will face death or jail
time as the curse I leave behind as those
who attacked me for trying to warn of her

for about a year I have been complaining
to the local RCMP about someone
breaking into my apartment, they told me
to do my own investigation or ask me if I
were down by the lake or that they don t
even know what a break & enter even is,

go do your own investigation guys, when
she dies, go get some baby monitoring
cameras & do your own investigation,


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