Saturday, 7 December 2013

yep, the canadian gov scrtewed me too hard for me to work with a government agency

if you wanted me you never should have let me hang so long,

what I send skynet to the MIT university twitter 2 years ago
& you still won't get me out of the psych-ward when I was
then in, or stop me from getting locked up, beaten & drugged
three more times, are you guys really that retarded, if that is
how you deal with one more than Einstein, all your agencies
will fail for stupidity,

after all those military equations I mailed out to all the tech
institutes & governments no one can put it together huh,
wow, all the sciences I created & media I created & I get
robbed to death & not receive one penny for my work but
fill your pockets will you keep me out,

oh ya, you will all fail for this, you think you can blossom
off of mine while you steal it all& keep me out so you don't
have to share with me what is mine, what you guys know
better how to till my garden, pfft,

if you knew certain intimates I know of science you'd be
filled with fear as I watch your system in it's last days of
breath, your system will fail like a former NBA star picking
up a ball in his 40s to play with his young son & die from
cardiac arrests, be ready to see your system of global
control be neutered, nothing I can & won't say will change
that, no one listened to me these last 2 years I tried to
 expose my intelligence prowse, you won't listen now, you
 know everything right, what I say or don't won't open your
eyes, be ready to se your red hiefer gutted & thrown on the
fire as your world system dies of a cardiac arrest,

what I say or won't, you won't listen it won't matter what I
say or don't you know so much it won't matter what I say,
you know so much you are like a glass filled with sand,
where is the room for water, none, you won't listen, you know
it all I guess,

Apocalypse now,

when you find out the hard way your errors people are going
to wanna know who was at the helm when the bust of the ship
breaks on the reef, then we will see people rise up to find out
who drove the hull into the shore, if you have a badge or lapels
people are going to find those in charge to deal their own
 personal justice to those who over looked proper managements
of the world system & it's directions, if you have a shelter it's
 time to hide,

you had a chance with me 2 years ago but I guess skynet wasn't
good enough for a blip to MIT university,if that's how you deal
with such gifts I could run down the street naked & it wouldn't
matter if things like extreme intelligence is punished so profusely,

yep, in a nation like Canada, but if I had of lived in the USA,
cops would have killed me a long time ago,

all the sciences I've done to myself the last 2 years has evolved
my senses & intelligence every step of the way, now, allI have
to do is wait till the last bullet is fired & never will another round
go off, the ACDC, medications, the economy, booyah, the luxury
of the earth will shrivel like Hugh Hefner in his old age & chicks
asking for a suck to be famous or have a ring or chain, the guy
 is a bank to those chicks, he knows they like the money, guy
 prolly hasn't been touched since the 80s when he was prolly
bringing out the mirror as was for those days before opulence
became health & swagger & not indulgence & excess & stupidity,
the lines prolly ran out on him like the end of the words in a good
 book that turned into a nightmare as he prolly lost his mojo to
a circumcision of the razors of the 80s & their rabbis sucking
 off the babies they liked to handle,

nope, not scared, the demonic I hear is worse than what you
could say, the end is racing so fast that by the time you
understand what skynet is it will be over, it took you three
years just to get here, what you're that good huh, gimme a

you're so filled with stupidity that you'll al be eating your kids
just to show off how tough your love is for them, spare the
rod Chianti & fava beans ruin the child huh, yep that stupid,

go get ChristianBale to kill your wives & daughters or line
up your family to listen to One by Metallica or bring your
family to the exhibition of Texas chainsaw massacre, yep
your culture is just that smart,

what Nazi tortures & surgeries pass for entertainemt now,
jump in the fire guys, yep that smart, no child left behind,
waterboarding, yep thaty smart,

26=5 cops gunning down an emotionally trouble black man
with 67 bullets, yep, that smart,

cops love black & white cars but hate the 1st, yep, just
that smart,

good bye cruel world,

go eat your last melon then I hear they cancelled Futurama
before the season was over, nice, yep, just that smart,

the grocery store sells melons but if you get caught with one
you end up dead or in jail, yep just that smart,

you guys are so filled with your own intelligence I could tell
you to blow a monkey & you would laugh & follow through,
yep that stupid, ok, sorry, that intelligent, yep, go get your
daughter to take Christian Bale home & they can watch his
most famous film, American Psycho, meh it's art though, oh
ya art, nice, how many actresses have nightmares even just
off the filming,

dare, you get your daughter to sit down & watch the film
with the guy while in a nightie, oh ya, art, right, you find death
that appealing huh, ok, line up for your piece of melon bro,

enough blacks have eaten it that they won't pick the cotton
out of a bottle of aspirin & you still think getting your toes
cut off is funny, huh,

your entire economy is run off of filth, what nazi surgeries
is art huh, wow, you wanna go to Brazil & get your liver
taken out while on vacation, go ahead, you're smarter
than me huh,  how many Hollywood studs are you gonna
make off films of those studs butchering young women or
kids, yep, no child left behind huh, wow,

is the band Cannibal Corpse an American invention, line
up for their  rider,I hear Marylin Manson asks for bald
strippers with no teeth, nice, family nation huh, that's how
you treat your wives & kids huh, oh ya, laughter, nice, yep,
that stupid, go send your wives & daughters as the present
for their riders then you love em that much huh,

yep, laughter,

I'm not worried whether you laugh at me or talk about a pop,
when the gravy train ends those who died in WW2 germany
had an easy end compared to people in this day & it's luxury
& the tap getting broken if you brag about a government job
& the fun & cable gets cut you better find a place to hide cuz
there are 7 billion in the world & not 20 million Germans in
 WW2, oh ya 7 billion to pull out revenge not just 20 million
ossible pissed of Germans, with no bullets electricity, knives
are a rough end guys,

dunno when & it wouldn't matter whether I said or not the
entire system is so tight & unwieldy that there is nothing you
 could do anyway, whether I say this or that the thing is tight
as a drum, if you haven't the cash for strapped families in Lil
Jamaica or those in Compton don't worry its coming,

its too much to help a bunch of poor families eat, oh ya whether
I say this or that, whaty, no seriously what, no really what,


what you wanna end it with me the same way this started,
yep, that smart,

if you won't listen to a family ask for bread, what you really
care what I might say, wow, am I that smart or you that stupid

yep, when you've been roughed up enough, one of those
mechanizms shut off is talking, if you knew that's what
roughhousing does, you'll get nothing from me no matter
what you do, you think you are more scary than the devils
I hear whisper to me, you guys are pussy cats to the treats
devils make,

when shaz goes down, you'll know, bingo,

seriously, I imagine the constant trauma of suffocating every
night will be a warm up to a fast & traumatic death if you
 tried whatever on me, over a year of that,I imagine I'm warm
for it if that were to happen, a few house of water boarding
every night, you ever experienced suffocating ever night for
over a year,I may be warm,

walking toilets won't impress me much, some of them used
violence on me while in kamloops, what I need medication
& roughhousing for complaining of 6 year olds constantly
 grabbing me & touching me, didn't know that was a mental
illness on top of being the recipient of break & entering,

what, I come home one day & all my talisman of pennies
over my door frames are missing, is that what you call a
mental illness, that is one of the uses of talisman they say
one of the maids at Alistair Crowley lost his e ching coins,
 ok ya right lost huh, wow more mental illness huh, if you
have a 50 on the table & you come home & it's missing,
as good as a guard dog, even Jadakiss would know that
& he lost a lot more than just one bill,

I wonder what gargoyles were used for hmm,

any cleaners come in yet, nice work guys, get ready,

ever hear the saying you don't ever wanna ruin a nice guy,
when the public losses it's nice you won't worry about me,

forget about what I know or don't, your system is wrapped
 too tight for anything that might help, that's about it,

unless you jumped off a cliff you won't understand what
I'm talking about,  & yep you all did, coudos guys, not even
Jesus was that stupid, what Jesus is the retard for your was
& beliefs, he never jumped a cliff the way your media
makes you look like you all have, that's about the end of
that story,& soon you'll meet your fate,

wow Jesus is the retard for your belief system huh, cliff
guys get ready & wait for it now, what the fag cult
masonry doesn't know what a bird is but they understand
Daniel 11:37, oh wow fag huh, nice twist, you guys can't
figure out what a woman is only a cocksucker huh, nice
belief system, yep, that stupid, cocksuckers huh, cool,
go put on a suit & brag about it,

ya, swearing isn't cool, but getting some Hollywood
stud to butcher women on film is cool right, sorry for
 offending your primrose life, go watch Pleasant ville
again & smile,

I lovge laughing at my own jokes,

everyone else would rather blow a goat,

not quite my choice, & nope I wouldn't brag about it if I
did the way most would,

I'm so mad,lastnight I blew a goat & someone laughed,

what being a fag isn't good enough for some I guess,

everyone knows what a woman is till she shows up &
Daniel 11:37 goes out the window & people are begging
for cock, some know what a woman is other travel to

a woman shows up & everyone poopoos & asks for
a cocksucker, I guess hollywood studs butchering
women isn't good enough, Daniel 11:37 shows up &
they poopo & ask for a fag instead, maybe if the guy
 asks for change they'll give it to him in the form of a mife,
milf or man, hmm, change isn't good enough unless you
get a man in bed I guess, hmm,

captian moorgan, I thought only jews were good enough
 for that,

the only guys who understand Daniel 11:37 would be
those suited for women, but if you hate chicks you'll
prefer a fag the way most seem to be looking for,
looking for a fag to rule the world, wow love that, if
only men knew what woman are maybe they'd chose
a woman over a guy blowing nuts,

if all people can think about is blowing nuts, yep,
 guess you don't know what a woman is huh, blow
nuts huh, high hopes indeed, if blowing nuts is your
great hope go change your wife in,

what I'm made to take medications at the piont of
a gun that leave me suffocating every night, what
I'm supposed to just enjoy thart, yep that smart
huh, what you think you can get blood from a stone,

go take a few 20s from everyone in Compton,
give it to me I'll fell better bout the change in my

yep,I'm intense officer, in a few hours I've gotta
get ready to suffocate for a few hours from my
medication while I try to sleep, it's a lot of fun,
here try it,

the world can change but the medicatyion stays
the same, wow, that much fun huh,

nothing happens over night. but somethings can
happen in only an hour, usually it's when someone
dies, or something at least,

when a real man dies & passes over, what's left
but the world to follow,

most people would call me a self hating jew cuz
 I'm not a pedophile or a rcist,

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