Tuesday, 21 January 2014

a plastic reality,

psychiatric ,medications are very close to things like
psychedelics like LSD or mushrooms,

the last 4 years they have really bent my reality,

if you know the truth of a plastic reality you'll
know that the outside world begins to be changed
out of the manifestation of your awarenesses,

it's like sending off a radar & things around you
change due to the reality created from the meds,

for example if I thought it would be cool to shit
on the doorstep of the hospital I'd roll up & a
guy with a dog would have his dog shit on the
sidewalk & leave,

the reality my meds create in my mind are like
shockwaves that begin to manifest in the outer

you see a girls drinking a pop, you think don't
drop it, boom she drops it, this is the result
of a plastic reality,

all you need to do is think of it & in time
your thoughts manifest in the physical,

maybe you knew this, but if my world manifests,
there will be global nuclear war, & i see us
racing for it now,

the internet is like a garden that the gov or
media or corps harvest, when I realized my
stuff was going into big movies I began to
create to fill a void, stake a deer in the
bush, when a python swallows it it is trapped
& you got new boots,

I can see the telltale signs of things
morphing to my plastic reality experience,

having a plastic reality means that the
things around you shift to fit your reality,

maybe on4e day I could even walk on water,
like that, I see the outside world adjusting
to my plastic reality, things are happening
& a global nuclear war is part of that, I
have programmed much of what is in science
& media, got not a dime, but I have a mission,

so much shat I wanted to do, never told anyone
& one day I see someone else is doing it,

pretty much my desires are acted upon by other

like I said, if I wanted to take a shit on the
government doorstep, next week I'll see a
guy with a dog dropping a scud on the steps,

one of my desires is for the rise of the Nephilim
& a return to the glory of the gods of Noah's time,
this will come,

I care not for riches or fame, only becoming
god of the new earth,

seeing the congruity of little things & a day or
two later there is another act in linearity to
the thing that was the pre-act,

seeing signs of things to happen later &
waiting for the answer, global nuclear
war started by China is one of them,
I see this coming like I see in the light of the
sun, it will happen, dunno when, but it will,

seeing a lot of little things that add up to
bigger things later on,

after being locked up 6 times for over
2 years total between september 2010
& spring 2013 & how my government
in this ruined my life I was given no other
choice than to hang onto things not of
this world like God,

my Government ruined my life & the
 nurses & doctors constantly playing
head games with me, nothing in this
world is worth what others think of
them, the nurses doctors & cops ruined
my life since September 2010 for
nothing but sport,

I hang onto nothing of this world now
since my gov ruined my life & the cops
nurses & doctors played my life for
sport, I await a global nuclear war as
per 2 Peter 3, it is coming & I see the
telltale signs through out my day as I
roam about, I got pushed past the limit,
meh if you have a problem take it up
with the CDN government & their more
than hostile treatment of me & the
medications I have to take that cause
hours of vomiting & suffocating every
night before I get sleep, what would I
have but share my experience for any

oh ya, they knew what they were doing,
but care, nope,

when they start coming out with films
like Red Dawn or the Winter Soldier
Captain America, yep, it's on the way,
possibly an assassination of Yo Momma,
one dead La Noir in Mandela & another
near killed in the new Captain America,
linearity, continuity, reality, full circle,
The Jackal IMDB with Bruce Will is,
a near dead first lady but the black
man took the bullet instead, meow,

I'm under the suspicion that it may be
illegal for me to be alive in this nation,

yep, a person is handling a trumpet,
you think the trumpet is stupid, they
bounce it off the table, think & boom
it happens, plastic reality, meow,

if the USA has dry lines in their nuke
installations, when china nukes them
I was waiting for no reply,

strategic ballistic strikes & then an invasion,

the mental health system & their pseudo
science ruins my life, what, no what,

if the USA was blistered by Japan, what,
no what, Pearl Harbor gets nothing started,

what Japan bombs the harbor
& no one would care right, pfft,

China will make it right, & IMO all gold
will one day be thrown in the ocean like
so many Transformers,

what I get hospitalized cuz I wake out
on my doctor's appointment cuz he
never showed or get locked up for
cracking jokes at a restaurant while
I take two homeless to eat, pfft,
what, no what,

yep mental health is a pseudo science,
the nurses & doctors all know it is
nothing but people trying to wrangle
strong birds, I call it being in the
wilderness, oh ya they now, the
head games they play on all the patient,
yep, they know, bulls, steers, oxen
birds women, oh ya they know, yep
pseudo science,

if it weren't for the mental Health system
I might have ben able to work all these
years instead of being strung out from
my medications,

anytime you slip on ice or stub your
toe or trip or drop something, someone
was thinking about you,

anyone hear what happened to
Jerusalem after Jesus got whacked,
nice justice huh, meow,I'm very sure it
wasn't 40 years after, most likely a
few days, near everyone got cruxed,

if anyone heard, yep, could have
been a few days, no one likes their
husband, after he's dead you are
free to marry another,

after Isaiah told Israel not to nut
their cattle did they listen, how
hard is it to find a red heifer if
they are all going to patties, or
nutting out possible red bulls,
no one liked to listen to Isaiah,
why would anyone listen to me,

weeding out any possibility of a
red bull by nutting the not wanted,
weeds out a big chance of a red
bull, if you nutted most the male
stock, you're throwing out a big
part of the gene pool,

I wonder if it's illegal to kill cattle in
India since at one time cattle were
holy, so, meh, move to North America
just to eat burgers, meow,

if people hate me barricading my
door every night, go talk to the
people who keep breaking into
my place on a regular basis, meow,

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