Saturday, 11 January 2014

affinity of metals, theory on new element, Iron & copper,

don't know how to put this,

act on copper to give it a very very
powerful magnetic draw to a positive
or negative, don't know which is best,

create an atmosphere in copper to an
extremely powerful magnetic polarity
in absolute perfection & no variation
in magnetic frequency,

act on iron in the same way to see if
you can make not a new alloy but a
new element,

act on copper as the stationary as iron
is already in behavior magnetic & will
act natural in the vacuum of the new

create a magnetized frequency in the
copper & do the same in an opposite
frequency but natural to the iron to let
the iron pervade the copper,

the copper must be the stationary &
be manipulated for the natural characteristics
of the over powering of the magnetic affinty
natural to iron to pervade the body or
mass of the stationary copper,

the hope, to create a new element, by
dissolving the walls between them &
creating a molecular affinity & not just an
iron in clay alloy,

copper is relatively light & the strength of iron,

the desire is for an affinity on the
molecular level, reducing the meatls to
their basic bodies to open the hands of the
atomic parts to create an affinity for
the basics through the nature of the
polarizations of the two affinitive bodies
to pervade each other,

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