Tuesday, 7 January 2014

brain damage therapy

switch the sides back & forth on your ear buds
or headphones,

the teaching each other sides in your brain will
stir awake the two hemispheres,

I have been doing this for two years & have
noticed awakening in my consciousness even,

teaching one side what usually goes to the other

you will be more alert etc,

if you switch back & forth the sides on your ear
buds or head phones you'll notice the state of
your awareness to begin to change,

no body showed this to me, I found out about this
on my own,

crossing the corpus collusum & teaching both sides
what is usually left for only one side,

theoretically it makes sense, & for me, in reality
it works, got brain damge from drugs or an accident
try it out, you won't be disappointed,

this therapy is good for many things, if you
need sharpened awareness, yep, honing the mind,

I styarted doing this therapy 2 years ago, no one taught it
to me I just figured it out on my own,

& yep, it works,

yep I have no brain damage but I use this anyways,

you'll be amazed at how it improves what you have
or always had,

it has given me much, like I said, even consciousness,
you wake up more & more every day,

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