Friday, 3 January 2014

engine innovations

innovation for engines

having different metals on either side
of the battery terminals etc to increase
the speed & flow of the current, example
copper on one side & denatured iron
to make it flexible or silver or copper
on one side & denatured copper on
the other to create a leverage like
water flowing down hill, only for this
it would create a current vacuum to
create increased flow of the current,
maybe a magnetized copper on one side,
I’m no mechanic but you guys who are,
I’m sure you can cook something up,
below for those new to me
have the fire chamber slicked with flint for firing,
have a spark plug with a suspension put in the
porcelain housing & the pin made of flint & the
L if the pin made of Iron, a plug like that may
not have have a long half life, but if the flint
pin had like a feed to keep coming out like the
lead in a pencil,
have the iron magnetized as well for more charge
in the firing, make the fire chamber to have a certain
form of hertz to react with the volatility of the fuel,
put a body in the rubber of the treads to be in
anti-thesis of being hydro-philic so the tires are
repellent of the water on the road, put metabolites
of perhaps sulphur in the tires that when the rubber
hits the road that it mildly gelatinizes & mildly fuses
to the road for increased traction, maybe see what
the properties of salt is, find a metal or alloy or
create a body with the properties as being in
opposition to the charge of water that this is
put in the rubber to repel the water on the road,
lights that have a blue green aura for softens
on the eyes, put a bit of rusty iron in the rubber
as a petroleum suspension to increase the heat
in the treads to increase the heat & adhesion to
the asphalt,
get a gas & the air in the tires to react to the
motion of the wheels to react with the treads
to increase the gelatinization & adhesion for
the treads on the road,
magnetize the gears in the moving parts of the
engine or any moving parts to increase the
making of the one body of moving parts to
create the solidification of the moving parts
as one body,
exhaust distillery, the empty grain silo effect,
if you understand that, dunno what more to
say about it, the exhaust funnelled back into the
fire chamber, carbon engine casing for increased
heat in the chamber,
alloy of flint & bronze or copper
for the firing pin in a spark plug
if my tech has helped you guys,
be nice to have some help vs
my mom & her Munchausen
syndrome & how she keeps
getting me locked up in the
psyche-ward every time I
start enjoying my life, been
locked up 6 times since sept
2010 & spent in total well
over 2 years in the lock down,
be nice to have some defense
if my tech has helped you out,
man made diamonds for the
porcelian housing & perhaps
bronze for the finger & the angle,
something hard like copper,
change the frequencies of the
spark to meld to the housing &
new metallic fingers of the
spark tower & the angle,
suss out the differences from
AM & FM & XM & shortwave
as the spark current,
dunno if I sent this yet, you’d have to
make a new type of spark plug for the heat
exhaust distillery, the empty grain silo effect,
if you understand that, dunno what more to
say about it
try for suspensions that are bullet proof or bullet resistant for Fiddy Cent & the military, oh ya money man
a copper or bronze suspension oh ya, or flint for flat, venture on that idea, for paints
car paint with the gelitanizing of petrol & silver or gold suspensions
imagine distilling sugar or alcohols
for certain properties in combustion,
like refining out as a form of dross,
imagine the the combustion properties
of rye whiskey, as additives, even
certain cooking wines, tequila,
duel spark plug, have a fuel injection with one
spark blast & a partial delay on the exit of the piston exhaust like a television time delay & in that time delay have a second fuel injection with perhaps the compressed oxygen bottle or a refined fuel from a storage bottle as an extra bounce for thrusting the piston that much faster after the second bounce from the second spark plug, have duel wiring but with one that has a slower current as not all metals have the same electro properties,
just an idea, maybe there are things like that out there already, I’m not in mechanics all I have are theories that pop into my head, like I said maybe it’s already being done,
have the piston housing speckled with reflective or magnetized flecks to reverb the fire in the piston housing, have the alternator with like a current trap that gets retarded & when it hits overpass it fires a higher force of current for the fire chamber,
you know what guys,I have a major interest in the inert gasses like Helium & certain others,I’m extremely firm that if you can tap these gasses that you will find a capacity that rivals the power of the radio metals like Uranium, seriously guys, get head office to look into breaking the chain on those inert gasses, I am firm that if you unlock the potential of those gasses like Helium that they would easily rival metals like Uranium, I’m serious about those gasses, big time

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