Friday, 10 January 2014

if anyone thinks they can steal the information off this blog don't bother, I have forwarded all this info to many movie studios & government agencies around the world & many tech schools & news media companies,

MIT has some, DARPA has some,
Lionsgate studios, Paramount studios,
The Kremlin, the CIA, the FBI,
MGM studios,

tech institutes in the USA, India, China,
Russia, Iran, Canada, South America,

Numerous governments besides the USA
& Canada, metal fabrication outfits in Canada,
the USA, Europe,

I've connected with pretty much anyone I
could think of to create a level playing
field for my technologies,

Nintendo etc,

numerous actors & music artists, big names,
small names,

I've been sending my stuff out to big
leaguers & small since summer 2011,

right now the deal for me isn't about
making money as much as it is about the
fair dissemination of information &
technologies for any out of the loop
in terms of the excesses of the USA
for technologies,

no one has wanted to pick me up so I
have the freedom to share it with who
ever I want, it's mine & no one has a
hold on me so I freely share it to fill in
cracks & crevasses that separate the
nations in terms of technology,

I want a level field & no one to be left
out if there are hurdles to be crossed
or additions to the lifestyles of nations
usually left behind in the 1st world or
2nd world or 3rd world nations, I want
 every one to have an opportunity to
excel, no one can own any of this
unless you can trademark copper
wiring as well,

I doubt I'll get even one dollar from
any of my creations,

I am a patient in the CDN mental health
system, I believe that entire wing of medicine
world wide is about to take a dump,

I believe any in the system as a patient will
be given lump settlements,

I have been a patient in this system
since December 1994, I believe when
the system dumps, then I will be
given a sum as well as any others in
the system,

things take care of themselves if you
wait long enough,

if you are a studio or tech institute, don't
worry reimbersing me, my government will
have to cover their bums for the psuedo
science called psychiatry, lotta people lose
their jobs in this one,

oh ya, pseudo science is even a stretch, the
nurses & doctors all know it is all about
trying to catch your bird, they all know that,
keeping their jobs by playing headgames with
patients to keep them down,

oh ya, all the nurses & doctors know it
is all about birds & women, oh ya they know,

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