Sunday, 12 January 2014

in canada here, plus translation of the Bible's quote on earthquakes,

in canada here we lost the penny,
they took them out of circulation,

the removal of the penny is like
an un even balance on the books,

someone always gains & someone
always loses, if the bill adds up to
49.99 you pay 50 & lose a penny,

in time this un even balance will ruin
that nation, it would be like cooking
the books & nothing would ever
match up for the debit & credit

if the debit & credit don't match up,
there will be a problem in time,

a massive failure of the nations monetary
system may be in the wings,

if one thing destroys canada it will
be the loss of the penny,

 in the scriptures the Lord saying there will be
earthquakes in diverse places, simply put those
earthquakes are exactly the moon on the water
of those who would never have fear,

diverse places means those who are usually too
insulated to have the same fears the common
man has,

those diverse places is translated as fear for
those who have too much money to have the
same fears as the serfs,

so earthquakes is basically fear & the diverse
places are those people who have more money
that those who fear for the visa bill, but now
those who are stinking rich are feeling the
burn now too,

earthquakes diverse places, translated,

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