Saturday, 11 January 2014

in my roaming for dark energy I came up with this, updates,

creating a light out of an arc welder's light,

but make the said light a dark light that
in continuity to an ultra-violet light blazing
the color white in the dark,

& making an arc lighting to reflect off a
combustible the way that ultra-violet
illuminates white while in the dark,

if you create a magnetized gas light
metal or liquid to have an affinity for
certain masses, that when in contact
with those masses combustsin a
form of energy,

oxygen & hydrogen are very affinitive
for each other, as most of the body
masses on the surface of the planet
are waters, whether in liquid solids
or vapors,

if it is possible to have multiple strains
of uranium is it possible to make separate
families of oxygen or hydrogen to be
amplified in terms of when the hydrogen
& oxygen in other families come together
for more reactive means to create energy,

if oxygen & hydrogen were what I call
vulcanized to be tempered with a conductivity
& polarity opposite to it's regular polarity,
to react in more active ways when exposed
to each other, to have multiple strains exposed
to each other to have multiple reactions
at the same time for a body of mass in
constant motion,

reading the longitudinal polarities of different
longtitudes of the planet to have a general map
to the variations of polarities, whether in the
longitude or the  cross section of the longtitudes
& laterallus of the planet,

see how the cross sections of the longitudes
& laterals behave to each other & if their
are possibly multiple polarities such as the
8 quadrants of a 4d Cartesian plane,

an engine made from magnets & the
inception like internal combustion engines
flicked with a battery,

a magnetic engine no different than a
battery which starts a gas engine, only
the engine isn't run on gas or petrol but
on the rotary of magnets,

the only difference between a magnetic
& combustion engine is the rotary of
magnets & that of petrol, the similarities
being the flick of a battery to start both

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