Friday, 3 January 2014

listen to me you top top tier bitch, updates,

listen to me you top top tier bitch,

if you haven't got here yet don't
bother thinking you can milk a

by the time you get off your sofa
the venom will already be in another

don't be retarded you stupid bitch,
what you let me choke & suffocate
for however long you've known my
situation & you think you can put a
camp in my life,

if I were married & my wife left me
alone for months on end, what could
we say to each other,

you're a fucking piece of work if you
think you can go visit yo momma
to late to save him from the proposed
assassination, if you get there & he's
already dead, what are you going to
raise him,

god you are one thalidomide brained
fucking idiot if you think I can knock
you up from here, go get your vibe &
try, I hear miracles can happen,

god you are a fucking retard, stupid bitch,
how about you come by to visit me after
I've died from complications from my
medication, just in time huh you fuck shit can,

who ever you are, looks like you're going
to wanna hide now huh, they all know who
you are,

you should have been more cordial babe,

if what I hear on the wind, N America may
see glory soon, like tonight, that is if the wind
is blowing in the direction it may be,

you know what, I believe nothing will happen
for yet a while longer, things will follow a
sequence I am awaiting,

babe, if your listening, no one knows who
you are possibly, we'll meet one day when
the line of events falls in to place, you're
never going to get me though, there is a
woman before & a woman behind you,

the third will take my hand,

the problem, you waited way too long babe,
sorry, others are now muscling in on me since
you were so tardy, not my fault, it's your
decision,  most people don't know to be
prompt for a booty call so they miss out,

sorry dude, you should have been prompt,

I imagine once the greater USA has been
neutered by china you may come by when
certains have been dealt with, a coffee &
game of Scrabble would be nice,

I imagine when certains from the greater
USA have been handed you'll feel safe
enough to swing by, I'm not married but,
meh I'm taken,

maybe you can pose for me, go to the
gym a few months & you'll be the dream
babe for a style I have,

bring a Scrabble board I lost mine, call my
doctor & get me off my medications, or my
own personal swagger will get that done
by myself, I'm expecting life changes for
him to wake up to my plight,

wear earth tones,

 had a doctor years ago who said that he believed
in sex before marriage, it never occurred to me
when he said, but if I had ears back then the way
I do now I would have seen the charge of rape he
got a few years later,

now, I do have those ears to hear what a person
says & to what may befall them,

one of my last visits to my now doctor he said
it was nothing to get an appendix removed &
that they often do it as election surgery,

one thing I'm awaiting for my doctor is for him
to now go under the knife one of these days,

like I said, if you have the right ears you can
hear near anything,

booyah, Meow Meow,

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