Saturday, 25 January 2014

the brother of a chick I tried to get to know called me random, meh,

don't ever date a chick with kids,
it's like trying to get to know a lady
married to the basketball team &
you're always benched,

I could say NFL player, but who
would brag about that,

for the record, Kobe, caught in
a buyer's remorse situation,

& on top of that, I'm just coming out
of a headgame a friend played on
me to make me think I was actually
the son of an african woman & not
my now mom,

take me my entire life to get over that one,
yep, I actually thought I was an abberation
& born white to a black woman,

my main reason for cling to africans,
crazy world when someone can talk
you into believeing anything they want
you to believe,


saw a couple telltale signs,

I'm expecting a lot of immigration of
Africans to this area, probably from
Africa, one of my friends really wants
to see his dad, maybe he won't have to
travel back to see him, his sister is
trying to bring him over,

tried to pronounce his real name, but
but english is nuetered kinda for prouncing
exotic names, take me a while to learn
that one, & his brother's,

probably a lot more immigration to
the USA as well, but I'm very sure
it's going to be a massive move of

dunno if it will pull through, we'll see,
but I was thinking along the lines that
Obama would be the last president
of the USA, we'll see,

if God hears me on that one, it'd be funny,
the last president, who knows how the
change would be, meow,

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