Friday, 10 January 2014

the lump sum settlement, the failure of the mental health system,

I am a patient in the CDN mental health
system, I believe that entire wing of medicine
world wide is about to take a dump,

I believe any in the system as a patient will
be given lump settlements,

I have been a patient in this system
since December 1994, I believe when
the system dumps, then I will be
given a sum as well as any others in
the system,

things take care of themselves if you
wait long enough,

if you are a studio or tech institute, don't
worry reimbursing me, my government will
have to cover their bums for the pseudo
science called psychiatry, lotta people lose
their jobs in this one,

oh ya, pseudo science is even a stretch, the
nurses & doctors all know it is all about
trying to catch your bird, they all know that,
keeping their jobs by playing headgames with
patients to keep them down,

oh ya, all the nurses & doctors know it
is all about birds & women, oh ya they know,

oh yas, looking back over the years both nurses
& doctors were playing headgames on me to
stop my growth emotionally, oh ya they all
 know the game is nothing but about bulls
birds or women, yep,

oh ya, looking back at the headgames, better
believe they know the deal, bulls steers,
birds, women, oh ya, all those head games
 to keep people down, oh ya they know
the deal, women & bulls,

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