Tuesday, 7 January 2014

to the top tier, they will figure you out if they use my methods of entrance,

if you can't find Nina Mercedez anywhere
you may have your one,

if you can find her,

keep looking,

I'm very sure she is an acteress or pornstar
if it is a woman,

a boy named Sue,

a boy named Goo,

brick house,


look for massive heat signatures on certain
apartments or houses to help,

with heat signatures you can follow the line
of traffic for sleds underground,

little cabal of friends,

I always wondered why you gotta call
to dig under your yard,

if they say you can't heat signature more than a
few yards, pfft,

some one will figure it out,

IMO, deffo actress or pornstar,

maybe its a guy,

line up characters in song or film,

it's about someone,

look at it as a type of singularity,

any construction teams just disappear or vanish,

I wonder where Carmen Santiago is tonight,

hey there mom, if you're out there,

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