Friday, 17 January 2014

congruity linearity allegory reality

a few years ago the fukushima problem happened,

a couple years later they come out with the
film Pacific Rim, centered around Hong Kong,

now,I enjoyed reading parts of your disarming
of your countrymen under the auspices of China
& Russia,

cue the recent films Red Dawn & the new Captain
America Winter Soldier who brings a big sword,

heard that over the last year many big cities in
your nation couldn't even pay their city employees,

cue a line of congruity or linearity,

can you see what I'm saying, if seasoned to
like Joshua said eyes to see & ears to hear
what the spirit says,

spirit is word, actions are flesh, spirit before
flesh, or, you'll like this, liquor before beer,

if you are seasoned to read what the spirit says,
it is possible to in tense take the temperature,

allegory, reality, continuity,

go look, see, understand,

Battle for Los Angeles, the fall of Chicago & a Bull
Transformers 3,

the fall of Detroit & barren miles of houses once

watch the De Niro film, City by the Sea, once
prosperous lands decimated,

go, sift & learn,

if things are going down shouldn't be much farther
if you see media portraying the destiny of our once
partially free lands,

The gun seizures & Red Dawn & the Winter Soldier
Captain America,

 like Isaiah said to Hezekiah in kings,
not an arrow will pass over the wall,
& not a bank on the wall,

dunno how it will unfold, but the Lord is
faithful to his, wait on the Lord, my God will
do exploits,

I have no care, I want full scale war, the chaos
it would create would be a safety in & of it's
self, if there is global war like I hope, this
will be a small man's respite as the titans
wage war on each other,

yep, I desire a full scale global war, living on
the edge of a razor is dangerous, but I think
it would be exciting, high stakes, bigger reward,

my life the last three years has been
arrested 6 times & spent over 2 years total
locked up, I think a live or let die life
in a global war scenario would be exciting &

being taken out of my safe zone the last three or
four years has made me desire a bigger fish
to fry than just cops & nurses & doctors,

everyone on the run & a high stakes life
for a short term excitement till the whole
thing blows over, new world new things to see,

a Mad Max Road Warrior life, Book of Eli,
live & die in one day, big time excitement,
global full scale war, count me in,

if the end of days is like Joshua said then
new generation of Nephilim will rise,
literally these are giants, if Joshua is
correct then the last days will see a
return of the Nephilim,

near as can be, the Nephilim are gods,
as in Noah's day the gods were called
the Nephilim, if they return like Joshua
said would be in the end of days, a
return of the gods again in the return of
the Nephilim, how dunno, but those
are the words of Joshua,

in the end of days it will be reciprocal
of the days of Noah, if in Noah's day
the Nephilim were wicked & the giants
& gods of that day were wicked, then
in the end of days the righteous will be
the new generation of Nephilim,

if as Joshua said there would be like
the days of Noah being married &
given in marriage, these are the
righteous who will have the holy ghost
& be the next chapter of the Nephilim,
the opposite of the first days, the
righteous will be the new Nephilim,

since december 2010 I've been trying
 to share the holy ghost with people,
but most are deep in the present
reality & not caring about the Lord,
 if you don't have a handle on the
 holy ghost in your life by now you
most likely never will,

unless you are deep in the Lord &
with His spirit you won't have an
enjoyable time when the new heaven
& new earth are formed, I've given
the holy ghost to a lot of people but
 it's up to them to seek it out &
 manifest it in the fullness of their lives,
most probably faced the crossroads,
 if they chose poorly, not my problem,

everyone has a choice to side with
God or not, if they all chose poorly,
not my problem, I can't eat for those
people, it's their decision, to cross
well or poorly on the crossroads, if
you chose well, you may end up in
the new earth as a Nephilm ruling
as a god for eternity, if you chose
 poor, you will be a slave to the
new generation of Nephilim,

I've probably given the holy ghost to
between 50 or 75 or 100 people &
 they would have if met the crossroads
given something to those they contact
 with, whether it was a good or poor
choice on the crossroads, it's up to them,

at the crossroads we chose according
 to the inclinations of our hearts, if you
 chose God or chose to be opposite
of God it is the inclinations of your
heart that rules the decision you make,

no one tells you the decision you must
make you chose out of the inclinations
of your heart,

when the new breed of Nephilim
arise I don't know, but it will finish
out the days on this planet before
the new heavens & new earth are

if you haven't the holy ghost by
now, you probably had your last
chance & there won't be room in
time for another opportunity to
get it, if you chose poorly on the
crossroads, it's time to give up,
you really only have one chance,
if you had God & chose poorly
later on, that was your chance, if
you never had God & chose poorly
then those types have another
opportunity, but it takes a lot of
pain in the purging of the wife
you already have,

Paul was the image of those who
chose poorly first & had another
 chance, those who started out
with a bad wife need to look to
Paul & his image of those who
 got a second chance out of
ignorance for their first choice,

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