Tuesday, 7 January 2014

what would life be like without the vomiting & suffocating from noxious medications as per the CDN gov

but then who would I be if I weren't sharing,

it's not my kind of Hollywood but I hear
that American psycho either did get an
Oscar or was nominated,

crazy fan base I imagine,

I'm sure there was applause for the Oak
as per usual when he ripps the heart out
of bad guys like on Terminator,

whew the women must love those scenes,

popularity can do anything these days,

I wonder how many nukes that Hollywood
has launched,

Hollywood just loves a world ending film
these days,

swoon, swoon,

where would a son be without a bitch,

had a refill on my medication one time,
my plan was for the pharmasict to get the
refill in her name, booyah,

one day they'll look at that & give it to her,

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