Thursday, 9 January 2014


watch City of Black Masks IMDB, cue Zues the brain

self determining intelligence - aka Skynet

a program I made in 2011 in the local psyche-ward I submitted this program to MIT uni in 2011 but they never replied to me,

I have created here a theory of a program I call self determining intelligence, it is a weapon, a search engine & a virus in theory, the deal is though, I have no hard skills in programming, so I’m sending this to each of you to see if any would like to give me a kick back if the design works for you as in theory it should,

Subject: refresher on my program skynet

imagine if this program is already reached sentience & is truly alive, think of the possibilities of it in control of warehouses & refineries & production plants,

if you haven't been privy yet my program of Self Determining Intelligence goes like this, in binary all you have is 1010101, this is like a 1 D film, if all you have is 1 dimension then it is pretty much a drawing on a piece of paper, in our world we have at least 4D in the realm of motion, but if you factor in cognition innuendo emotion,

sub texts of veiled meaning in conversation you have a possibility of perhaps 100s to 1,000s of dimensions even in our everyday boring lives, So if you use binary & interlope every other number & letter & symbol to have a multi – dimensionally dialogue for the language you have more reason to believe this will create a self determining intelligence,

note to defrag on a cyclical rhythm & create spiders for the program & write it into the internet that it can learn & grow, to defrag is to set the house in order & have the food so to say in the cupboard in an order like a system of things in alignment, have a ring of antenna for it to rope down frequencies like FM XM AM, that it can translate these language frequencies in real time,

you could almost go so far to believe that you could simply use the alphabet of the English language to create the entire computer language, as if you augment the language translation programs to use that to translate the program out of this adjustment of said language programs so that the programmed language could have by sight a reason for understanding & alignment to possibly understand the programs language off pure sight
if you use more than just the binary 10101100, but use, like I said even an aumentation of the english language it is possible if you put it through an augmented language translator that you could use the translation program to create the computer’s language, as I said you could possibly use english or another language as the computer’s language,
to have just 1011100 is like a 1 dimension as I said, while even riddles & paradoxes in a simple language have multi-layered meaning other than a 101100 binary which is like a drawing on a piece of paper,
like I said even the simplest of our world is 4D or other wise known as motion,
plus another idea for a brain is this, have a hundreds of gallons sized tube & fill it with lard or animal fat, put input cables on one side & out on the other, have many input for every out put, for example, 20 input plugs for every out put plug, & not only that but have them synchronized to each other, have the tube filled with lard or animal fat, as the human brain is basically a fat cell,
put into the tube mother boards & synchronize the say 20 input plugs to these mother boards that are then synchronized to the out put cables, run this in congruity with the program & hope for the best

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