Sunday, 2 March 2014

GI Joe 1 Nano goo theory

nano olive oil or honey,

both honey & olive oil are very acidic,

have iron as the catalyst,

you have a stainless steel sink, you put a
penny in it & leave it a few weeks & you
have a rust stain,

the nano oil or honey & the iron as the
flint persey,

my idea closest to the nano goo in the
first GI Joe film,

create a composite with trapped helium in
it, have the helium with it's electrons knocked
out, have a composite body to hold the
de-natured helium & the affinity of helium
to reach balance that the helium rob other
solids of their electrons in a molecular
acidic reaction,

have the de-natured helium trapped in a gel
solution to attack solid masses,

have gold in a salt with platinum & Florine or
Iridium, or silver & Rhodium, use both these
two as salts with a catalysts, have these salts
as the like gunpowder & a second clasp
to detonate the salts,

have these two salts & a catalyst like in
a hydrogen bomb that, the salts as the fuel
the way nuclear weapons use Uranium
though Uranium isn't explosive but withit
weaponized, that these two salts be

gold being a strong conductor & silver
conductive properties as well, both
being a soft metal with other chracteristics
being malleable, possible a salt from
these will magnify the conductive properties
as sodium chloride in a solution creates
a more conductive characteristic than it's
elements in solitary solutions,

gold & Iridium & silver & Rhodium, two
seperate salts as the substitute to Uranium,
these two salts with a detonater the way
Uranium was in the Hydrogen bomb,

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