Saturday, 1 March 2014

not to sure about killing all the canaanites,

dunno if God was after another
way to deal with the kingdoms

one piont god is going for an
allegory, Israel is literal,

Israel gets literal, god gets

God tries to find a way to
communicate with Israel, but
the lines never crossed after
the passing of Joshua,

the book of the law, whether
God was trying in the physical
or allegory nothing got through
to Israel,

love the cleansing if a girl
were born, somewhere in
dueteronomy I think,
couldn't find it a second time,

Elohim in the book of the
apocalypse, if you can decipher
it, it switches between Jehovah
& satan near every line,

if you're reading a letter with
a chick, you can see where
she's at & her way of thinking,
that is if you're both on the
same wave length,

if you are reading zen & been
there in time you can pick apart
the meanings of the writ,

unless you've been to a mountain
top you don't know the trail of
the valley unless you've seen it

for example unless you've been
there you'll never understand
Sgt Pepper,

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