Sunday, 30 March 2014

nuclear war,

don't know when but probably soon,
 maybe a year who knows, the first
 act is a feign, the second act is the
 bullet, think of Bil Clinton & 
Afghanistan, Bill had a first feign, 

then cam the bullet with 
George Bush Jr, Iraq, George 
had a first feign in the first act, 
then after 911 came the bullet 
in the war they are in now, now, 
we have already had the feign 
with the Ukraine, the last 2 weeks 
no news, 

we have had the first feign, my 
guess is within a year, the next 
 act will be the bullet, I believe 
we are moving in the near term 
of perhaps a year or two or less 
to the second act, the bullet & a 
true real war with Russia & the 
USA, we just had our feign, 

next will be the bullet in a real war, 
most likely a nuclear engagement, 

Booyah, Meow Meow, Tim,

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