Sunday, 23 March 2014

the Appearance of Satan,

bet you a ten spot that if you really are
a part of the Queen's army that if you wrote in
water on all of the walls of your homes that
the Queen would appear in your lives to chasten

I have experienced Her chastening at times I
have risen against her,

reading a Niel Anderson book called The Bondage
Breaker, falling asleep as I read, the lights
were on & woke a few hours later & my lights
were off,

& recently, coming home & dishes are washed,
or a couple water bottles I put in my pack
appeared again in my fridge, I couldn't figure
out where they were till I got home & found
them in my fridge again after I returned,

penny talisman disappearing, looking into my
wallet & finding an extra 200 or so dollars,

bet if you wrote the name Jesus on your walls
or started reading that Niel Anderson book
Bondage Breaker,

oh ya, no doubt she'd arrive to protest & to
chasten you,

yep, pick that book up, read it, & watch her
arrive to protest,

Booyah, Meow Meow,


during my last stay at the psyche-ward I
did script on the walls in water & after I
lay down on my bed I felt a presence leave

when i was also reading the bondage breaker
I would have dreams of being catatonic or dead,
& 7 women were standing around my lifeless
body laughing,

if you want to live in an area with a demonic
anointing, go live on an Indian reserve also
expose yourself to the Adult Men's magazine
"Old Nick", also friend or like or follow the
Church of Satan, read their posts or literature,
at the same time read the books by Niel Anderson,

like i said, write even in water on your finger on
your walls the name Jesus, also draw the pentagram
on your walls, listen to slayer or Venom & also
the 80s rock hit by Motely Crue, "Shout at the

write scriptures & put them on your walls, if you
really want an appearance from Satan in your life
test her patience or her desire to own people,
if she wants to own you do things to rebel & at the
same time attract her,

if she has you she is very jealous to keep hers in line,
if you are already deep in the Satanic movement
wrote the name of Jesus in water or felt on your walls,
write out a verse a day & watch her try to keep
you penned in for her possession,

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