Monday, 5 May 2014

beginning at zero date December 1994,

I believe I had been going down one road
but my being introduced as a patient in the
psychiatric part of medicine changed a
certain trajectory my life had already started,

in November of about 2000 I had an epiphany,
a moment of absolute clarity, like I understood
everything in the universe, knew it all,

in November of 2003 I started in Wellbutrin
& this also changed the trajectory of my life,
I began becoming more spiritual & more
introspective in terms of a person's emotional
experience, much like how LSD affects a

I was on wellbutrin til January of 2006,
but the changes I experienced had only begun,

cont'd later,

in september 2010 I was put in the psyche-ward
as well in october, in octomber due to my
medications I was left without sleep for 6 days
& barely ate in that time, had a massive revelation,

in december or november of 2010 I had the
Zen Enlightenment cloud for 30 days, at that
time I became very virile in terms of giving off
the genesis seed for meeting the crossroads,
into summer of 2012 I probably gave off the
genesis to between 50 & 100 people till
trauma I had face put the kibosh on this

now as I study the word & take residual effects
from my medications, one of these days I
will see the demonic realm like anyone sees
our physical reality, & as well the zen cloud will
return again, this time for good,

unless you are doing it right, you will receive no gifts,
gifts can not be taken, they can only be given, to
cheat & ask as a beggar you will recieve nothing,
it must be given freely, you can't cheat the gift
by stealing,

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