Saturday, 3 May 2014


activate the parts of the brain that experiences our
known reality, harness the part of the brain that
motorizes our bodies, activate linkage & a
phantom limb to bodies not part of the subject's

study subjects who are on mind altering drugs
like LSD or other psychedelics study the mind
activity, & stimulate those parts of the brain by
way of exterior accelerators like possibly
batteries magnets to jump start the activity in
those parts of the brain,

yep, activate the motility of the brain that
controls motion in the body of the subject &
link by way of  phantom limb, create a link
in the body by way of forms of gravity, but
not by standard gravity but by unison of
the prosthetic of those phantom limbs
controlled by the CNS that has a control
 phantom of prosthetic not connected to the
subject, like activating the brain to remote
control as if those objects to be controlled
like a prosthetic, 

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