Thursday, 8 May 2014

don't ever drill for oil in your own nation,

don't ever drill for oil in your nation,
could possibly weaken the floor
base of the ground you are on,

if you really want damage, oh ya,
bunker buster ballistics aimed at
well ceilings, send bunker buster
ballistics to locales that have wells
 in that area,

you send a bunker buster to a well
ceiling in Iran, watch the earth shake,
bunker busters are better aimed at
well ceilings than bunkers as if you
detonate a bunker buster over wells
& the cavernous, watch the entire
 area get destroyed, I doubt anyone
 has come up with that revolutionary
 use for a bunker buster, if you did this,

oh ya sirs, people would very gravely
regret having drilled in those locales,

bunker buster on a well ceiling, my
goodness could you imagine the
ramifications of such a strike, the
 entire area for possibly hundreds of
 miles could be totally toasted, the
 idea that an entire earth flooring be
destabilized, my gosh Sirs & Ma'am,
the as I said ramifications couldn't be
known till once the crying starts,

could be pardon the innuendo,
it could be extremely apocalyptic,

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