Wednesday, 14 May 2014

fire & ice,

an explosive that eats heat & leaves
cold in it's wake,

if diamonds can absorb heat & feel
cool to touch, there must be something
that quickly absorbs heat from an
explosion & leaves the said vicinity
with cold,

if nuclear explosions can vacuum at
such power to the piont that the
restriction can shatter glass, there must
be a way to create a tiny piont of
detonation that devours the heat in
a vicinity & leave it barren in ice,

the earth has a radiant, geothermal
heating for homes, I am a big fan of
using the power the earth has &
utilizing that which is easily the greatest
power source beyond solar power,

if the power of the planets natural magnetism
can be harnessed not even petrol could hold
a candle to the earths present power which
has been stifled due to the interests of Big Oil
& it's lobbyists,

oil is no power compared to the power the
earth has that has been virtually untouched,

they say certain moons of Saturn or Jupiter
have moving waters in their parts, it isn't due
to oil turbines but naturally occuring powers
in the revolving of the moons or gravity or
like most large bodies, magnetic energies,

just looking back on the last Conan, they say fire
& ice, how could this be further investigated,

could there be compounds that fuse at a
certain & release at another to create the
dimetric of a release of heat that ends in cold,

possibly involving diamonds & amplifiers,
certain stones,

just for fun, wow, the word i think of is called scaling,
if the documents in all I created were retrodated
before I believe my mom defiled them, lots of crazy
stuff I created in 2011 or so, maybe I was drunk,
but I thought it was legible till I re read them, don't
feel like re-writing, but had some very crazy ideas
on stuff,

like pyramidal nuclear blasts on water, the blasts in the
geometric fashion of a pyramid, creating different
types of water using nukes, mining with nukes,
strip mining lands hit by nukes to defuse the solid

love nukes, gold warheads & everything, gold renatured
to become a rad warhead,

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