Monday, 19 May 2014

if it is possible for folded metals, etc,

if it is possible for folded metals to be used for Samurai swords,
A research team in Germany published a report in 2006 revealing nanowires and carbon nanotubes in a blade forged from Damascus steel.[6] This finding was covered by National Geographic[7] and the New York Times.[8] Although certain types of modern steel outperform these swords, chemical reactions in the production process made the blades extraordinary for their time, as damascus steel was superplastic and very hard at the same time. Woody biomass and leaves are known to have been used as carburizing additives along with certain specific types of iron (rich in microalloying elements) during the smelting process to obtain Wootz steel ingots which would be further forged and worked into Damascus steel blades, and research now shows that carbon nanotubes can be derived from plant fibers,[9] suggesting how the nanotubes were formed in the steel. Some experts expect to discover such nanotubes in more relics as they are analyzed more closely.[1][7]

exactly what I as going to say, incorporate nano or carbon for vehicles,

nano carbon graphites & steel,

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