Friday, 16 May 2014

injury maintenances,

in the bible when the traveler got jumped the
good Samaritan poured oil & wine on the

me, I`ve since last night been rubbing olive
oil on old injuries, in one night I`ve noticed
pain relief,

you drink a glass of wine, what does it do
to your palate,

the oil must penetrate deep,

put some on my knees last night, when I got
up for a night time pit stop, I wasn`t walking
like an old man the way I usually do,

my back, much less pain,

think of it possibly having deep penetrating
properties, osmosis, possibly deep penetration,

I just use oil, but if you wanna go the extra mile,
wine, I`m partially under surveillance so maybe
me getting wine but spark against me, but like
I said, what does wine do to your palate,

amazing, just that simple,

investigate, there may be other properties to these
medicinal tools,

I rub it even on my head & face, head, if this oil &
wine is for real, I have damage from drugs etc, part
of the medications I take I know may have caused
me as much brain damage as it has awoken,

yep, if this is for real oil penetration my scalp to
my brain, oil, deep penetration & healing possibly,

one thing I`d love though, are medications or drugs
that stimulate the parts of the brain most people
don`t use, if humans only use 5 or 10 percent of
their brain, I`d love a drug that cracks those
latent parts of the brain,

how about this, what if oil & wine did as it`s full scalp
not just spot touched, imagine if both oil & wine
gave full activation through all the scalp to the fullness
of the brain, I`d love a Lucy (IMDB) effect,

imagine if say olive oil spread on the scalp could
possibly go deep & release latent parts of the
brain unused,

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