Wednesday, 7 May 2014

mitigating ballistic nuclear strikes & bullet proofing,

patriot missiles are un-nessecary, all
one needs is accuracy rather than
precision, near all nuclear missiles
can be struck down,

have a swarm of mini nukes detonating
in the face of an attack, the emp should
be enough to dumb all in the vicinity,

unless a ballistic is in the range it won't
detonate, on top of a swarm of mini
nukes to create an emp to dumb all
in the vicinity,

near all ballistic in motion could
possibly be dumbed by this method,

for bullet proofing, make nanno
that flexes or seizes on impact, a
muscle type flex to seize or harden
at points of impact, like a belly flop
on water, impact creates seizure to
flex at points of impact,

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