Tuesday, 13 May 2014

pneumatic fuels, splitting water, no fuselage,

pneumatic fuels,

no fuselage or fuel tank,

a water affinitive absorbing water out of the atmosphere,
the water divided, the hydrogen & oxygen divided from
each other & this used, one the hydrogen as the fuel &
the oxygen as an accelerator,

if the locale is a dry atmosphere use cloud seeding to
create localized moisture,

no fuselage just a splitter for dividing the hydrogen
from the oxygen,

the hydrogen as fuel & yep the oxygen as the accelerator,

nothing but a splitter for the localized moisture & the
chamber of combustion,

& yep, if the locale is dry, seed for clouds & rain,

imagine no refueling in mid air, all fueling is done off
the cusp in flight as the vehicle draws water moisture
from the atmosphere,

be nice if there were any hiccups involving petrol,

on top of feul from atmospheric water, an entire
engine drive from the magnetic current of the
planet, if ?Tesla could rig up lights off the magnetic
power of the planet, imagine an entire drive for
helicopters or jets off the drive of planetary
magnetism, the engine would be near non existent,

all the weight of the engine & fuel would be negated,
an entire drive off the magnetic current of the planet,
if you want to go broke using petrol motors go ahaed
but using per-exsisting power dwarfs petrol, like I
said, if you wanna go broke paying the high fees of
your bitch or your 2 oclock just to keep excecutive
petrols heads a warm pool or big car, pfft,

if you want to suck off the jock of big oil while
meaner & more powerful propositions are out there,
sure, go get aids & throw your wallet at some
diseased bitch like big oil, you'll end up out of
the cash you used to have if you got to pay for
the rings & necklaces that some bitch like big oil

you wanna keep some bitch happy who doesn't
even care about you besides the plush you give her,
go ahead & get aids you idiots, go please your
bitch then,

big oil has virtually kept the entire planet in the
dark ages the last 100 years or more, just to
please your 2 oclock or some bitch who wants
diamonds & jewels while the planet goes up
in flames, I imagine even Nero hid on the
population when he was fiddling unlike bitch oil,

basically the only reason for the military
establishment is to jerk off big oil & that's about it,
you have a war, big petrol bigs by the tax payers
of the USA, basically a war is a payday for bitch oil
& nothing more, the gov looted by way of the
taxpayers, a war just a circle jerk of bitch oil spilling
themselves on the American public,

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