Sunday, 11 May 2014

technology meeting pathology,

sent the Americans in the NSA an idea, you may already know, scan the works of Da Vinci & Nostradamus & the Torah for covered archaic designs for technology,

like the NSA's Mission Monday, posibly there could be something not yet discovered in terms of sciences,

sent Terminator film creators my ideas on archaic scientific designs handed down,

science ideas they knew back then but because of the inert technologies they had they couldn't create the child of the designs they had like the film Hellraiser bloodlines,

a basic draft of scientific finding the day's technology couldn't create due to the low tech of then before the as per technology met with the updated pathology,

use mirrors, high & low inflections, duplicate positions of letters numbers,

a1 a2 a3 a4,

consonants only, vowels only, male or female words, neuter words, numeric words,

letters of that day, others etc like the Alpha or Omega,

read the number 3, it can be written as an Alpha & Omega, tilt it you see the A & the O,

animal rendering of words, the archaic of the day

the Jews Torah, Da Vinci's works, Nostradamus,

I imagine coding back then wouldn't be nearly as high tech as coding is today,

imagine those texts having the code of technologies that couldn't match the pathologies they esteemed to establish to,

imagine those texts having possibly tech for artificial intelligence etc, like the film Hellraiser Bloodlines a draft of something not attainable with their technologies,

the search for true alchemy,

the use of masonry in the temple of  Solomon,

the use of masonry & the mathematics there of,

possibly even Roman works like Vespasian Amphatheatre, 

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