Saturday, 24 May 2014

the crossroads,

been to the crossroads 8-10 times
each out dancing the devil,

every time a new demonic entity,

at a certain point I went through
a very difficult experience that
garnered me the gates of hades
as a crown,

in the heaven of Jehovah there
are 10 crowns to be possibly

those crowns together are the
ten crowns on the seven headed
beast, those ten horns with
ten crowns,

if you make it to the heaven of
Jehovah you have the possibility
of having at least one of those

yep, I have the gates of hades
as one of my crowns,

Joshua tells John will be here still
when Joshua returns, in other words
the last child of the last generation
will not die before the lord returns,

in the gospels Joshua says only
the father knows the time & date
of the return,

Jehovah is the dragon & the mouth
of the dragon is given to the second
beast, hence the second beast will
know one day the return of Joshua,

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