Thursday, 22 May 2014

the future of planet earth, no truer words than this, so true, order your entire life for this,

2 Peter 3

basically the deal is this,

for christian salvation first comes the water
baptism, after that may the baptism of fire
in the holy ghost,

this is the basic order of ascension,

in the days of Noah we had the baptism
globally by water,

in the end of the ages of this planet there
will be a baptism by fire,

basically 2 Peter 3 is about the burning
up of our planet,

like I said, first a water baptism, second
baptism in the fire of the holy ghost,

in the days of Noah there was the water,

I don't know when, but next is a global fire
as the flood of Noah took the entire earth,

basically reality & allegory, water, then fire,

seriously, I don't know when, but if you live
your life around this tale you will win in the

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