Saturday, 17 May 2014

time continuim rifts,

I have a hypothesis on nuclear detonations
& jets breaking the sound barrier,

these disruptions in terms of a basic water
running down the drain may have had
un-foreseen effects on our reality not yet
known or understood,

imagine the thin veil of our reality,

possibly specifically nuclear detonations
not just any radiation could have created
rifts in our space time continuum,

imagine the other side in terms if the spirit
& spirits long held in tartarus, the prison
for many demonic spirits held for crimes,

possibly the rifts in the continuum if so have
unleashed spirits long held in bondage
since the days of Noah,

if there have been rifts in our realm or
continuum that since the days of breaking
the time barrier & that of nuclear detonations

that possibly spirits have been coming
through rifts in our time through the
pealing away of the veil through the
breaking of the sound barrier & that
of nuclear detonations,

possibly spirits held on the other side have
been creeping in through the pealing away
of the veil,

possibly spirits held in tartarus have been
creeping in, as in the book of the Apocalypse
it says that at the end of the Millennial reign
that satan would be loosed again, possibly the
loosing of Satan has been through the nuclear
detonations & that of jets breaking the sound

a fift that has loosed Satan into our realm for
the last time before the end of days,

the increase of technology & people getting
married or given in marraige, the loosing of
the demonic held in Tartarus & now possibly
loosed on us through possible rifts in our

in these days so many more have gotten
wed or given in marraige, possibly due to
a possible rift in our continuum & those spirits
with their intelligence spawned the invention
the late decades since the detonation of
nuclear blasts & jets breaking the sound barrier,

the possible loosing of Satan these last bunch
of decades of invention like jets breaking the
sound barrier & nuclear detonations, so
many more getting married or given in marriage,

changes in certain areas in terms of energy
changes from natural native energy fluctuations
or changes in the color spectrum or that of sound,

yep, if there are rifts between us & the spirit,
it is possible that Satan & those angels bound
in Taratus possibly have been loosed in this
realm these last bunch of decades since
the breaking of the sound barrier & that of
nuclear detonations,

my hypothesis,

if Satan has been loosed through these activities,
we have not yet seen the worst of it,

Jopshua said that the first would be last & the
last would be first, this wasn`t talking about the
righteous & their place in line, it was talking
about the activity of the two crowns of the
demonic, the hook em horns, one the pinkie,
the other the index finger,

the last first & the first last, unless you just
understand the concept it`s difficult to describe,

if there has been a rift between us & that of Tartarus,
it is bound to get exciting,

Joshus said it would be like a time no other had
experienced, if this is the playground of Satan in
a loosing after the Millennial reign has ended,
get ready for it to begin to get very ugly,

if this is Satan`s last play at the party, my goodness,

a possible way to find those spirits might need a
protracted activity of sustaining the event in terms
of the breaking of the sound barrier or an
equivalent to the scientific event of a nuclear

possibly if the breaking of the sound barrier
or a nuclear detonation were replicated &
yes replicated there is a chance to capture a
moment of these creatures if I am correct,

I have no idea, all I can think of is artificially
replicating those events & using media that is
arched on spreading the abyss to look into the
avenues that the replication of these events

as an example, if you wanted to take a picture
at night you would either have flash bulbs or
specific film for night exposures to capture
an image,

energy dissruptions, changes in the light or
color spectrum, changes in sound,

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