Tuesday, 20 May 2014

unstable metals, for energy traits, spirit power,

for an idea on spirit or phantom power,
have batteries that absorb energy from
the environment they are in, or magnets
that power off the magnetic power off the

phantom power by basically absorbing the
energy of mass bodies around like
our planet or solar radiations, not
solar power but solar radiations like
the earth's m,agnetic powers,

updated 25-06-14,

if you can create an unstable metal,

I have no idea, but all I'm getting at,
is that if you can create a metal
compound that is unstable in terms
of being a magnet for energy,

if your design were to create real
live Transformers you would have to
fully let go of the petrol lobby,

if you need to use petrol for your
models the models will never be viable,

if you want to create live transformers
the bodies will have to be powered
by the power that is given off by
the planet, no other power will be
good enough or plentiful enough
with such a creation,

the moving parts & transforming,
the body would have to be locked
into position by electrified magnetic

without the power offered by the planet
the power by petrol would be dwarfed
massive by the force the planet gives off,

if you are bound by the petrol lobby, the
only advance you will get is a loss of
technological advance, you might as well
put the character in a wheel chair as use
petrol, the waste of space for a fuel tank,
the engine to run it, you might as well blow
your nuts off as think you can get the
princess to be pregnant,

without the loss of sub tech like a motorized
engine a fuel tank, the idea youcould use petrol
for one of these characters, go blow your
nuts off,

the only thing the petrol lobby has done in
the last 100 years or more has been to keep
technology at a world wide, it has keep the
planet in the dark ages for technology,

what, a gas tank & alternator on the Space
shuttle & you think you can fly to mars,
go blow your nuts off,

what a diesel fuel tank on the shuttle
voyager satellite launched into deep space,
oh ya, put a diesel tank on the voyager as a
power source,

the petrol lobby is easy the alcohol or
crack that has rendered the child of
technology in this world, out of petrol if
technology were a child, the kid would
have fetal alcohol syndrome & flippers
from crack meth & thalidomide,

but like every two bit bitch, having &
raising your bloodline is far from the desire
to party & shit in your own bed,

oh ya, the petrol lobby has rendered
most high technology as being nut cut,
you'll never find warp drive in a gallon
of chevron techron,

there is no way you could use any form
of petrol for robotics, you might as well
think you can carry both your kitchen
& pantry along with yourself as you do
your stuff through out the day,

what you think you can carry your kitchen
pantry with yourself all day,

the power source for robotics could
best be called a spirit energy, I mean
spirit by the fact you would never be
able to have a source power creator
in the body,

there is no way you could power a
robotic by having a power source creator
like an ICE engine in a car, near half or
1 third the car is used up in the engine,

a power source for robotics would have
to be a spirit based, something holistic,
the spirit power would have to be being wide,

the power if drawn from the earth's source for
power, best bet, or solar radiation, not to
be confused with solar panels,

the spirit power taken from the earth & being
fully systemic to be electrified to magnet lock
the positions of transformed or that in
position untransformed,

only a spirit power will work as the entire
body would need to be flush with power
for electrofied magnet locks the body over,

electro-mag locks for feet, body knees &
head etc, without a spirit power fuel, the entire
body couldn't harness enough power for the
electro-mag locks,

ful body fueled by spirit power by using the
massive amount of fuel from the earth &
the continuous magnetic power between the
earth & the sun &,

yep, more than the earth's magnetic powers,
but the gravitational powers from between the sun,
 the moon & the earth, so many avenues for
moon's gravitational powers,

utilize the power generators at hand, if geo thermal
energy is so great why not utilize open pit mines &
other mines dug deep in the earth, if not for municipal
power then for military bases or other facilities that
need or use or depend on dependable amounts of
truly available power sources,

in my belief the best say metals for a robotic would
definitely be as the character Stanley Touche said
unstable, if it is perpetually unstable it will possibly
keep it as an on for constantly drawing power,

create an iron graphite, or steel graphite that has
been re-natured to be unstable in that it perpetually
swings ways to keep the metal as a perpetual on
state in terms of drawing power, the entire body
not just a power pack, the entire body needs
to be a power pack to avoid space separation for a 
loss of area taken up by a bulky engine or a
waste of space for specific engine space while
losing area for the body & a loss of more
utility for characteristics, point made I hope,

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