Wednesday, 14 May 2014

when Jehovah begins to pull out for me, you can take it for granted the Apocalypse has begun,

a sky of darkness,

up heaved economies,

you think it's bad now, pft,

before the end you'll know,

in the book of the Apocalypse it says Mystery whore
babylon gets toasted in one hour, I think that was
chapter 18,

those who are of the Lord, it says Jehovah will do
exploits for them, think about walking through
valleys of fire untouched,

btw, the USA is I am lead to believe the Whore,
one hour, those of Jehovah will no doubt be rested
upon by the Lord,

going to get very exciting sooner than later I am
lead to believe, a feign, then all at once,

deffo i believe, a feign, then all at once,

if it goes down & you have the lord on you,
going to be very exciting, very, like being the
star of your very own Hollywood blockbuster,

those not of the Lord, nice meeting ya, pfft,

like many pastors have said, you'll be surprised
at both who is & isn't in heaven, big time,

I remember the film Krull, the only guys to
help the king Prince guy were a bunch of
misfits & criminals, how juxtaposed, no
Pastors Levites or Pharisees huh, that's about it,

in the book of the Apocalypse there is the
Millennial reign before Satan is released again,
most people I've talked to are so full of poop,

they think that after a grand in heaven that
Satan will be released to fool people again,


after Joshua was lifted up out of earth, this is
when the Millenial reign began, we are in the
Millennial reign right now, the days of the
Apocalypse are when the powers of Satan
are loosed, part of the deal is though, the book of
the Apocalypse is not restricted to the end of days,

the entire book is a story from the days of creation,
at the first revelation of the book of the Apocalypse
it included things done in the very beginning, things done
at present & things done through to the end of the age,

after Joshua was taken up the Millenial reign began,
Millennial, just a symbolic word, the loosing of Satan
again is for the days short before the Lord returns,

& even the word Satan is suspect, the word
Satan basically means one thing, the accuser,
Accuser is basically the meaning of the word Satan,

everything in the last book is totally wrong, the
 trees & grass being burned, if the grass is at
the bottom of a pyramid people know what it is,
but if the word grass is used in the book of the
Apocalypse it's just grass, trees being a type of
person, the wormwood hitting the waters, again
no one could figure out drinking from the devils
shoe & getting piosoned by the wrong turn at
the crossroads,

locusts with the hair of women, all of a sudden no
one knows what a woman is, or scorpions the
ascent of the powers of the wicked, what, God
won't arm the righteous like locusts with the
mouth of the lion of Judah or the powers alike
the wicked have in scorpions or the like powers
of the wicked with woman symbolized by the hair,

of course Jehovah would leave his childern derilect
& not with the powers of locusts, in the book of
Daniel it says the righteous will do exploits,

the little horn speaking blasphemies vs the
god of heaven, no one knows what juxtapose
is when they read the bible, the little horn
speaking vs the human powers at the top
echelons of power, you tell a guy what a bitch
is he knows, you pull out your Penthouse &
all of a sudden he's a faggot & can't figure
out what he's looking at,

you tell a guy what a piece of paper is he knows,
you pull out a fifty & he's all thumbs,

I know guys who literally believe massive locusts
are going to come out of a great pit in the earth,

am I the only one who believes in being realistic,
wow, I'm the one on medications huh, pfft,

Joshua said it something like this, always
learning but never understanding, ever seeing
but never perceiving, you tell a guy what woman
is, then you show him a Penthouse & he has
no idea what he's looking at, basically like that,

everyone knows what grass is when it's at the
bottom of a pyramid, but you read grass in the
bible & reality goes out the window,

you look at dirties in a Penthouse, looks nice,
but you read the word woman in a bible &
you check reality at the door,

oh ya, the devil in horns hair & excrement shows
up to tempt Jesus, but no one recalls Jesus telling
Peter, get thou behind me Satan, Satan would
never jump into a few different people to give
Joshua his three temptations,

reality huh, I'm amazed,

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