Wednesday, 18 June 2014

how many you Nigglios traveled,

usually I keep it to myself but now I
feel the need to address a few things,

anyone read 1984 or seen V for Vedetta,

that's about it,

I dare you try to get a flight to NY & see
the 911 site,

unless you are privy to photoshop this
will go over your head,

Iraq, Ukraine, France, Israel,

all these & many more places only exist
on story boards or in pixels,

I have, oh ya I've traveled, went to see Jules
 a few times, northern Europe, nope,
he lives in central canada which is what
our citizens call Greater Columbia, not

we in canada are properly called Greater

most of the names of the states that are
in what most call the United States, nope

the USA is properly called the Provinces of
of Bel air,

unless you'd traveled enough you wouldn't know,

basically millionaires & the wealthy, or
government jobs are all actors, some
know others believe what they are doing,

the actors know it's not real, the others
believe the story,

the only guys who know it's not real are
the actors, everyone else believes the
roles they are playing,

 if you are a cop, doctor nurse military,

quite likely you've killed both normal
or actors while in the delusion of it
being real,


yep, you killed a guy you are one
of the guys who believes,

an actor would never touch another
person un-towards,

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