Friday, 13 June 2014

idea for propulsion of seafaring craft,

idea for propulsion of seafaring craft,

water is made of an oxygen & hydrogen

like me & my favorite form of energy
being magnetism,

that's about all I need say,

the propulsion based on the polarization
of the water molecule,

no real form of power the way most sonars
track sounds,

create a form of propulsion based on the
molecular polarization of water, you could
possibly feasible have on propeller but only

the power from the body of the craft being
in a form of perpetual energy situation due
to the motion of the water & the scaling
of the hull creating the propulsion due to
the scaling of the vessel having a scale that
creates the motion of water that in turn
creates the vessel's motion,

have a few Iris over the body like the Iris
on Stargate, this to manage speeds &
changes in whatever,

have scales like a dragon for the water
to slip through for propulsion,

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