Saturday, 5 July 2014

days of future past,

basically all the prophecies in the old, my observation
on the old testament is this,

Jehovah gave both blessings & curses,

the more people sided with one or the other paths of life
deliniated the path & the out comes of the future for both
Israel & earth,

if those of the prophecy didn't deliniate with the requirments
for promise they ended up with curses,

the entirety of the old testament giving both blessings or

if those involved with those prophecies were delineated to
curses, then that is what fell on them,

if they had of sided with the blessings in the actions they did,
then blessings would have happened,

basically two pathes & those who chose, chose the path
whether to receive blessings or curses,

if people chose the lifestyle to recieve the curses,

booyah, meow meow,

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