Friday, 25 July 2014

letter to Israel,

17, Isaiah 4:1
Orion, 7_1
the sisters & her rod,
the 7 churches,
beautiful isn't it,
on top of the first beast of the book of the Apocalypse, the first beast being the big dipper & the second beast the North star, the 7 heads,
the first beast, 7 heads being perfection, 10 horns being complete, the body of a leopard from the prophets, the leopard in the brush watching people go by, the Leopard is a sign of Lucifer, the scout to see who fails at the cross roads to take an unkempt or virtuous wife,

the feet of the bear being the saints, how beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news,

the mouth of a lion, the spirit of Joshua the lion of Judah,

the wounded head being that of Joshua's death & resurrection,

the second beast or second witness, a lamb, in aeons previous a lambs had horns I have heard till the horns were breed out, the mouth of the dragon or the mouth of the father Jehovah, the second beast makes all worship the 1st beast,

the two witnesses,

& there was no room in heaven for the dragon so Michael threw him down to earth, he is with wrath for he knows his time is short, AKA that of jehovah in his son joshua, the dragon being Jehovah,

most know not what a paradox or parable truly is,


a parable, paradox,

in our waking hours we know what women or the grass on the gren back, but you open a bible & you think Daniel 11:37 is taking about a homosexual instead of a spiritual virgin, a virgin, as Joshua is, rebuffing the temptations of women,

Matthias 21:31, harlots or publicans, AKA, women, dirty ladies & human saved, entering heaven before the righteous, yes, Sirs, only human wicked go to hell & the lake of fire,

no one has the right to call Jehovah unfair if he has let the unkempt women in pennance to be recieved to heaven in the end of days, only human wicked go to heaven,

I know & understand more of scripture than any since the days of St, Paul,

I believe it is in Corinthians, Paul says the sinner has been recieved by Jehovah & that the sinner has paid his dues to the Father, this is the telling of the demonic being accepted by the Father,

I know more than you can concieve,

Apocalypse chapter 17, the woman on the beast, 7-1 orion, the congruity is massive,

booyah, meow meow,

atop a Muslim minaret, the planets to the moon,

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