Friday, 4 July 2014

Revival, of ages,

get ready for a massive move of Jehovah,

when this revival goes down, lots of stuff
is going to change, organized crime, porn,
boozing, a lot of things going to get cleaned
out of the pipes when this goes down,

you thought that your day was here cuz
the legalizing of a little cheeb,

cheeb, porn booze drugs in general going
to get pushed out the end,

lot of people going to change their ways,

if your grandparents or their parents were
told that the Americas were the land of
milk & honey or that the streets were made
of gold out here,

you have never seen an economy the way
it will be when Jehovah shows up in people's

you thought certain decades had Bull, boy,
watch the economy boom like a moojah nah
tiki wah,

when this new boom for the economy blows
up, you'll be thankful that there were a God
to make it happen,

you thought certain decades had Bull, wait till
Jehovah shows up & really puts gold on the
streets, you've never seen an economy like this,

non of any of our families have seen an economy
like this for a thousand ages, when this new
economy shows up due to the explosion of
the coming revival,

goodness gracious,

won't be any prohibition, but people's lives will
just be so changes that the dirt under your nails
will be wiped out by our collective desire for

a lot of bad habits going to get pushed out the
other end,

when, don't know, but when it starts it will be
like a crash boom bang, you'll know,

booyah, meow meow,

if you thought other decades had a lot of Bull
in them, wait till the revival starts, gonna be
more Bull than you have need for on the bed
of roses,

if American banks are now free to close the
accounts of very famous female porn stars
over the idea of morality, be aware that
those same banks may in the future close the
very accounts of known mafia or gang accounts,

if banks are nowe closing the accounts of
female porn stars the same may in the future
be the same for known mafia of gang

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