Thursday, 31 July 2014

supra sapiens,

a near 20 year cocktail of psyche-meds,

humor me, my theory since summer 2012,

getting close I know to the precipitate
of those drugs this food that drink,

the precipitate of steroids from the
interaction of this that & everything

the right here & now precipitating in
my being the first of a new breed of

my being due to the experiment of
our societies doing to us as they wish,
this precipitating us as a new creation
of a new geneferic of man,

the precipitate of drug this chemical
that in my body the labratory & my
body being the place of the
precipitate of these & this, possibly
awakening anabolic this or IGF that
or HGH,

humor me, the years precipitate of
drug this & food that or chemical
that, nutri-sweet, coffee, syrup, this
& everything creating in a body the
labratory for the precipitate of a new
gene strand & a mutation to the body
of the precipitate of the cocktail of
drug this GMO that, these &
everything else,

supra sapiens,

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