Monday, 14 July 2014

the 144,000 singers & the marraige of the great city,

the gift of life,

basically the bible has been miss understood,

coming to the crossroads is the meaning of
the entire bible,

if you are like me a virgin one day we will
be in pitched combat for the prize,

Daniel 11:37 is the meaning of all scriptures,

if you rebuff every time you meet the crossroads
to become a virgin you are a singer but there is
only one with the top name of a singer,

there are 144,000 singers & the one who has the
title of the 144,000 who will one day wed the city
of Jerusalem in the book of revelations, the
one top singer to wed the purified Lucifer,

that one top singer will become god for all
eternity on the new earth,

Jesus at the right hand of God & him ruling heaven,
mean while the one to rule earth as god for
all eternity is the one after, the second witness,

the first witness is Joshua the second witness will
for all eternity to rule the new earth, this is the
meaning & reason for all scripture for those who
will have to learn their trade & figure out how to
to get to the places they need to be to receive
what is theirs,

the gift of scriptures & the crossroads is whether
you can pass through the gauntlet or not to
become as Joshua God below the Father or god
on earth as the Joseph to Jesus Pharaoh in heaven,

I've tried to openly take of this since December 2010 but
every time these years I would get slapped in the face
by the Canadian government every time I would
open my mouth,

either be Paul at Joshua's side or be the second witness
to be the Joseph on earth to Joshua's Pharaoh in heaven,

this is why God wrote scripture for those people who were
to become those they were to become, the gauntlet of
the cross roads & learning from scripture to wade the rapids
& become the prize that Jehovah created the heavens &
earth for, either to serve or to rule in the new heavens
 & new & eternal earth,

the entire reason for scriptures, for those to become & those
who would lose out to lose out,

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