Sunday, 31 August 2014

Jehovah bending Time,

contemplate Jehovah bending Time,

the transfiguration of Joshua on the mountain top with Peter & John,

both Elijah & Moses were there as well,

in days of yor Moses saw God on the mountain the back of God, as well in Elijah's life he saw God in the quiet breeze,

All these things happened at the same time, all time is one, all moments of time happen at the same time, all times are in the same moment,

the sight of both Moses & Elijah seeing God was a bent in time as both Moses & Elijah saw Jesus at the same time,

bent time, all threads of time in this aether happen at the same time,

both Moses & Elijah saw the back of God at the same time, the back of God was the sight of Jesus on that mountain top in the transfiguration,

all time is one,

Jehovah bent reality to let bot Moses & Elijah see Jesus in their own time as well as the same time thread of both Jesus Pater & John,

all time is one,

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