Tuesday, 12 August 2014

my healing program, my method I use for trying to heal people,

you guys want to be my 72 I send out two by two, here is your swords,

everyone spends a different time in the gym before they get out to live their day,

a seed, it grows to a sapling, you can push it over ir pinch off the buds, the sapling grows to a tree, you'll need an earth mover to break it,

you see people walking around everywhere, switch, a healthy person hates watching wheel chair bound people cuz it affects their peace & puts a negative on their positivity,

when the seed in the heart grows strong enough the flesh will follow, spirit or word then the flesh or reality type motion,

you can throw out seeds, sometimes you know what your seed is or not, but once it grows you see what you get, a beautiful lawn or fruit trees or coniferous trees, either way it's something to enjoy,

at times people don't know there are seeds, they let their lawn go & are surprised to see Oaks fruit trees, everything, some don't even know they've been seeded but if they let their lawn go, oh yes, they will find out what has been partitioned to their lives,

me I never tell them to read the scriptures after I have spoken cuz i know they wouldn't understand, but if you want to give them food after they've been raised from the dead, tell them to read the bible, the bible is true meat,

those are basically my ways,

in Jerusalem or Africa or North America a tree is a tree or a flower a flower, just different languages but a tree is the same the world over, you don't need to live in the holy land to know what a flower is, you don't think North American Natives never knew what flowers were, pfft, the only book we have is the bible, the only, but you think there were no flowers or crossroads in Australia or South America, it just hasn't been written about, if Abraham knew what a flower was, you think not a portion in the Americas never knew what flowers were, Salvation,

there it is,

get some oils & go anointing, prayer cool, but people need real people not floating fools, we need to be receptive to people's hurt, spikenard, frankincense, Myrrh, apothecary oils, i am led to believe Luke 22:3, the scent of the spikenard gave Judas his wife being Satan, imagine such scents & fragrances or oils doing so,

put a glass of wine by the plot of your lost ones, you never know, they may come back & thank you for one last drink,

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