Sunday, 10 August 2014

reprise, human labratory, phamaka singularity

a repeat on a theory I've had since 2012
while being in the psyche-ward,

not a literal lab but the body as the
petri dish & the adding of substances
till there is a climax of the inter-mingling
of various chemicals medications etc,

the precipitation of the gross mass of
the chemical bodies reacting with
each other & possibly precipitating
in possible out comes,

contemplate the interaction of various
chemical bodies precipitating larger bodies
like IGF or HGH or Mechano-growth factors,

not just skeletal growth but in height
mind body, spirit,

the possible precipitating of the
interaction of smalled chemical
bodies creating other bodies to
precipitate in amazing things
any person with half a mind
would nut themselves to have
created in their person,

anyone know what happens when
you have most types of anti-depressants
& too much booze, over dose, the
two bodies mingling in the
host creating death,

imagine the same with other
pharmaka or any chemicals
in a host body creating the first
of a new breed of creature,

Anti-depressants & booze,

another type but for that of the
creation of a new super being,
attack of the 50 foot woman,

imagine the mingling of drugs creating a
new strain of androgenic anabolic
steroid from the mingling of smaller
bodies precipitating larger bodies
for the satisfaction of the creation of
a super being,

anti0depressants & booze,

what are the possibilities on a positive side
in opposition to death from anti-depressants
& booze,

just my hypothesis, near every scientific
find was always a mistake & they re-wrote the
hypothesis to back up the end find of each

my hypothesis,

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